New cuttings again

zephycJuly 16, 2010

Hi again

Today I received these cuttings I bought from Sweden. As you can see they are very small, too small to me, and I don't know what to do. Can you help me to find the best way to can save these little cuttings? I'm afraid they are too little and weak.

hoya verticilata

this here are two "cuttings" each one with only one leaf:(

Hoya limoniaca

too young

Hoya camporipholia

very yellow, lost one leave, dark points on the upper side of the leaves :(

Have them possibility of root?

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No need to worry your cuttings are plenty large enough to root and grow into a healthy plant. I routinely root small cuttings, some no more than a single leaf and a couple of inches of stem and they do just fine. It is quite common to receive just two leaves plus a few inches of stem as a cutting of large leafed species.
Make sure you keep the cuttings in a high humidity environment and provide them with bright light and they should root for you in no time.


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