Garden Gate nursery on 17M - Monroe

Tanya12(z5 NY)June 25, 2004

I just was there for the first time today and was so pleased. Although not a wide variety, what they have is so healthy and beautiful - not like Lee Ann Farms (that I was also at today on 17M in Monroe) which looked like all the perennials had been abandoned.

Anyway, I just thought I'd pass on the word for Garden Gate since I'm so happy with my purchases.

I bought 3 echinacea (2 purple, 1 white), a daylily (Strawberry Candy), and Coreopsis (threadleaf). They were $10 each and all are blooming like crazy and looking great! (1 gallon pots)

I've only gotten the coreopsis in the ground and I was surprised at how root bound it was (I had to cut it out of the pot). But, I hope it will rebound after my scissors had to break up its' roots.

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orcuttnyc(z5-6 NY)

Where on 17m in Monroe? I'm down off Lakes Road.

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

Hey Tanya, I stopped by there today. It has a nice neat layout to the place, and I see they are busy building little patio block sample areas.. They didn't have too much in the way of perennials, it didn't look like they normally carry that many to start. I didn't buy anything, they seem to carry the ordinary stuff, not much in the way of selection. I noticed some things weren't priced, but everything looked pretty healthy and full. My son loved the koi pond. ( They did have a few large butterfly bushes at 17.99 that seemed like a good deal, they were very large and full. The only thing I noticed was a sign on the pot said 'white', when it was deep purple. Good thing it was in bloom, I would hate to buy something marked one thing, and get something else. I also noticed some things were marked 'pink', etc. I like to know the cultivar I am getting, not just a color..there are lots of shades of 'pink', I may keep it in mind for browsing, you never know what you might find..

Orcuttnye, they are on the other end of 17M in Monroe, (as compared to Laura Ann Farms). They are just past Triumph Auto Glass, and the Goosepond Animal Hospital on 17M going towards Chester, they would be on your left. You can't miss them, like I said they have an orderly look to them, big signs and lots of trucks there. It certainly has potential.

I did stop at Laura Ann Farms, and got some varigated ribbon grass for 2.50 a qt., which is no bargain this time of year, but it is the size I want. The smallest I had seen it was 2 gallons for 19.99 elsewhere. I also got kniphofia, the 'Little Maid' creamy white/yellow, some coreopsis 'moonbeam', a few more white dianthus and dusty miller for the white garden and some pentas. Love those butterflies!

Hey Tanya, are you moving?

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blackcat333(z6 NY)

Is this a new place?

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

I would venture to say it is, although I don't get into that end of Monroe that often. How new I don't know, but they are a new listing in this year's phone directory.

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Tanya12(z5 NY)

We will be moving, probably to Raleigh, NC, in 2 years. But, it's on my mind constantly since I hate the winters here and dislike our private road. I'm already planning my garden there with a fountain and everything!

As I said - they don't have a big selection of plants, but they told me all perennials are $10. I was so happy because the plants they did carry were so full and well taken care of - something you don't find every day at nurseries. The daylily I bought there is absolutely huge with many blooms!

I was also surprised at how neglected the plants looked at Laura Ann Farms because I was just there a few weeks ago and they looked fine. Now, the daylilies are dying, no one deadheads them and they've all got big seed pods on them with no blooms. I called them the other day and the lady said she's making funeral arrangements so maybe that's why.

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orcuttnyc(z5-6 NY)

Hey Tania..I hope you don't,..but,..if you ever need one, my brother is located in Raleigh, and..he's NCs biggest bankrupsy attorney..he even does tv commercials down there. I have another brother down there that does great tax prep if you need. In Raleigh, you'll trade your NY cold for ice storms, ultra muggyness and huricanes :)

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Tanya12(z5 NY)

hey orcuttnyc - I know, but I get the winter blues and when we were there in Feb. the pear trees were blooming and it was so nice out. I don't think I'd get the winter blues down there. My mood completely changes in spring and I'm ready for anything. In winter I just want to sleep and wonder what's so great about life anyway. Big difference!
I'm sure I'll be posting closer to time we move to see if I can get any contacts down there.

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