Broken Arrow Nursery visit yesterday

JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)June 29, 2005

I just wanted to share some information that was given to me on this website last year. I was looking for a heptacodium minocoides last year or the year before...anyway someone here suggested I try Broken Arrow Nursery. I went last year and was pretty happy with their selections of perennials, trees and shrubs. The thing that impressed me, besides the decent prices, was that ALL the plants looked healthy. The staff were very helpful and answered any questions about any of the plants I asked about..regarding requirements, location, dividing etc...I like when the personnel are knowledgable.

Yesterday we were heading into Massachusetts and we stopped for 45 minutes on the way. It is about an hour and a half from New Windsor...not more than 10 minutes or so off of route 84 in Hamden CT. ( a mapquest search for directions brought me right there...only thing I noticed was the the sign for Gaylord Mountain Road was missing, so the milage count on the mapquest page paid off, it was exact!)

I bought an Amsonia hubrectii 3 gallon pot 16 dollars, Helenium Autumnale " Moerheim Beauty" ( sneezeweed..beautiful flowers ) 12 dollars each, Asclepias ( ..a pink one, I don't recall the name, just like my orange and a white one called Ice Ballet....8 dollars..large 2 gallon pots. I also bought a really pretty coneflower "Sparkler" lovely varigated foliage, and a hosta "Great Expectations". Most of this is for my butterfly garden, except the hosta.

Seems things come and go.... While I was out yesterday, someone drove off the roadway, into that same garden these were planned for and took out some of my established plants as well as my neighbors mailbox! Some things can't be salvaged, some I think will make it, just look ratty for the rest of this season. Glad no one got hurt, glad I wasn't home either...I thought I'd be more upset that the garden is ruined, but surprisingly, I'm not. Just wish the kids would learn to drive more responsibly. ( A neighbor up the road witnessed it, although no ID, she said it was a kid who 'peeled out' when he recovered and kept going) I am sure he has much more damage on his car than my perennials. He hit a very thick pipe that was cemented into the ground and was SOLID... he must have been flying to take that pole out of the ground..hopefully the damage to his car will teach him to slow down. I am so thankful I was not home, nor my son who plays in the front yard while I garden there.

So new things come, and others go.....some before their time (Montauk daisies, several plants that were going to be great this year,a Burgundy butterfly bush, yucca, daylilies which had big fat buds of a beautiful golden flower called "Golden Squash", a patch of Russian Sage, I am sure there were other things too, not to mention the ruts in the garden and the area disrupted by having to have the mailbox post replaced, and the lawn with the tire ruts across it. ) I can't be mad, no one got hurt, I'll salvage what I can, and know that it is bothering the person who did it much more than me. Wish there were a way to get through to people to pay attention when they drive, but this is an age old problem....who doesn't hear of someone driving irresponsibly?

Anyway, I enjoyed my visit to the nursery, and recommend it. I actually passed the exit to White Flower Farm in favor of going here, ( just because of a time restraint yesterday ) and I believe it is worth the trip if you are out that way. You can't tell much by their website, but a visit there was refreshing for me. Not the same old, same old. If you go, let us know how you liked it. I thought their prices were very reasonable for most things and they carried more of the unusual items. A nice selection of the perennials I don't find at the local spots, in sizes that are large but not expensive.

Happy, and safe, gardening...JoAnn

Here is a link that might be useful: Broken Arrow Nursery

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

Just posting a follow up to move it along down the list... I planted all that I bought at Broken Arrow...hooray, nothing in the driveway holding area.... ha ha ha. JoAnn

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