Using split tomatoes in Annie's Salsa (or other long-cooked recip

2ajsmamaSeptember 10, 2011

I have so many tomatoes that split b/c of all the rain. Got them in my fridge now b/c of the fruit flies. I was going to peel them, would it be OK to can Annie's Salsa or one of Ellie Topp's sauces using them? Or best to refrigerate/freeze anything made with them and use leftover unsplit ones for canning (not selling many lately)?

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val_s(z5 central IL)

I used my split tomatoes to can whatever I was canning. I didn't know there was a concern. After dipping them in boiling water to remove skins, I'd have to cut the split part out but otherwise I used them just like "good" tomatoes.

Is there a reason not to?


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I was thinking entry point for bacteria. But long-cooking should take care of that. Just wanted to check with the experts. Not using any split ones that touched the ground (vines sagging), though if skin is not split I do wash them off and use those (peeling them anyway).

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

I use them too exactly as you have described.
Washed, split part cut away and in cooked recipes.


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I have always read that perfect produce should be used for all canning. I am really squeamish about using tomatoes with bad spots or splits, so I freeze them instead and then use them in a pasta sauce that gets boiled for hours.

Annie's is only cooked at a boil for 10 minutes. Makes me nervous to use less-than-perfect veggies. But, I am a nervous canner!

I'll be interested to hear what other have to say on this matter.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I use them in long cooked or long processed canning such as pressure canned stewed tomatoes or sauce. But I won't use them in things like salsa that has the potential double risk of short processing AND eaten fresh from the jar.


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val_s(z5 central IL)

I'm just thinking out loud here but since I don't live on a farm where I can grow huge amounts of tomatoes so that I can pick out the best ones, I'm kind of stuck using what I do grow.

Some years I wouldn't be able to can anything if I didn't use the split tomatoes. It would be heaven for me if I had enough land that I could grow everything I wanted to :-)

One can only dream - Val

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Thanks Dave. I was thinking of making salsa b/c I haven't made any this year and have lots of peppers too. But spaghetti sauce it is (I definitely wouldn't raw-pack!). They're small (2oz each or so), I hate to spend the time peeling them but have so many I feel like I can't waste them on compost.

How about roasting? Or putting in the slow cooker and then through the food mill?

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