H. pubicalyx 'black dragon'

amber_m(5)July 22, 2012

so out of all the cuttings i recieved a while back i was worried about this one making it because it just DID NOT want to root! well finally it did, thank god! i love the leaves on this! so i figured id post a pic of how much its grown in just the last week or so. in the picture i have a dragon fly clip on the part of the vine to show how big it was when i got it... and everything above it is brand new growth that happened pretty much in the last week. a few times a day i have to go out and adjust the vine to how i want it to grow because it gets wiggling around on me.

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gplainshoya(midwest zone 6 us)

Glad it rooted! It's always soooo satisfying to root cuttings successfully and to see it years from now, look back, and admire how far along it has come. I love the Pub's...great all around! Congrats!

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Congratulations!! It looks like it's in great health. I can't help thinking you are a pretty impatient lady to believe this cutting was ever at risk! Did it even lose a leaf? Haha. I know how it is, though, when you are still developing confidence in your technique and ability to 'speak Hoya'.

Just wait until you are waiting 5 cold months for a stick to decide whether or not it's going to put out a leaf.

So, what exactly do you mean when you say you are adjusting how you want it to grow a couple times a day?

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Amber! Great progress!
GG I hear you on that five month stick thing! Hooray for the clear container. ~ Mary

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haha i know i can bee impatient... the rooting of hoyas is completley new to me and this one was the last one to root and put out any growth so i was worried about it... no it never lost a leaf and always looked very healthy besides looking a tiny bit dehydrated oh really hot days, but now its been doing great! when i stay that i keep adjusting how it grows is that the vine has a mind of its own, i keep trying to wind it one way while its growing up and ill come outside a few hours later and it will have unwound and the wound around another way... kind of like its saying, "your not going to tell me how im going to grow! ill do what i want!" haha. i just stuck the cup inside a nice country/apple themed sugar container and then hung it, i still have it clipped to the yarn on the hanger growing up, but when it gets long enough ill probably loop it around the hanger. ive got many more pics to come, just need the time to take pics of all my babies to post. one of my favorites thats coming along beautifully is my H. cv. mathilde, with is sooooo darn cute! i cant help but touch the cute little leaves when i go by it and look at all the new leaves and see the little silver splotches on them. SO CUTE! i promise there will be pics to come of all my babies!

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I have a large Krimson Princess at work and each day I was staring at one large speckled and glossy leaf. I know that it is not easy to root a leaf and have it grow into a plant. But I kept watching this leaf and finally decided I was going to remove it and wish for the best. Well that was a few months ago and this weekend I'm proud to say has new growth coming up.


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i would love to see a pic of the new growth if you can post one! thats so exciting!

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ok since i posted this pic yesterday its already added on two more little leaves and almost 2 more inches of vine! its growing faster than a weed!!!!

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@ Amber

They do have distinct preferences about the direction they want to grow. Like you, I find this trait very cute. Unless you clip them, they won't stay put.

I try not to direct tender vines too much, because sometimes they die back if they are handled too much, or pinned. Their growth seems most exuberant when they are allowed freedom. Then once they are mature, you can arrange them as you like. The vines of Black Dragon don't ever get too hard to loop, so there's no hurry. Obviously, you aren't making yours too mad, if it's still growing so well, though. :)

@ Susan

That is so wonderful! I've yet to have this experience. But it never stops me from trying! Eventually I'll get my plant from a leaf story.

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