My First Hoya Blooms

lovinmyblooms(9)July 8, 2012

My first hoya blooms ever have opened. My Carnosa, Obovata and Kerrii all opened their buds on the same day, it was so cool! Here are some pics, enjoy :)














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beautiful! totally breathtaking! i can not wait until i have my first blooms!

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WOW! And I was excited when my hoya began to put out one set of blooms... at a time. Dumb question, I know, but I assume it will bloom more if I fertilize - but what should I fertilize with? And how easy are they to propagate? And how would I do it? I've nosed around some, but the instructions assume some level of knowledge about propagation that I don't possess (yet).

I set one of your photos as my desktop wallpaper - hope you don't mind!

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Kerri blooms are so cool with the nectar but it needs to be followed with a sponge mop at my house! Lovely pictures! ~ Mary

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Congratulations. You took some great photos. I love the shot of Hoya obovata with the leaves visible in the bottom of the frame, the second one in the series.

Ohmybloomers there is an absolute ton of info on the forum about Hoya propagation. If you search for rooting cuttings or something similar you will get lots of info. Also check Apodagis on the Hoya page and look for the Stemma Journal issues at the bottom of the page, there is a whole issue on Hoya propagation.


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Those are some stunning flowers! That carnosa must be smelling fantastic with all those flowers! Congratulations on getting three different blooms in one day.

I really like how you photographed the flowers when they had newly opened, and then again after they matured a bit - it is interesting to see how they change. And I love the way the flowers look with the nectar flowing. Makes them look like juwlery!

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I lovinyourblooms!What a lot of flowers on you're carnosa, wow! & beautiful pictures.
Congratulations! Ingrid

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Thank you everyone! It has been very exciting to have all of these blooms at once. The carnosa fills the whole back of my house with its scent in the evening. The obovata smells way nicer though, in my opinion. My husband thinks I've lost my mind out there sniffing and staring at my plants every night now lol

Ohmybloomers-I am a fairly new Hoya collector so honestly I have been very lucky to be able to just grow my hoyas in miracle grow potting soil, only fertilize them once a year with miracle grow fertilizer and have such luck with blooms on my kerrii and obovata. The carnosa you see has been growing for a long time and I just recently purchased it with buds already developed. I have not tried rooting any cuttings yet but like Mike said, this forum is loaded with that info. No worries on using my photo for your desktop background, I'm glad everyone enjoyed the photos :)

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I'm so happy many of the buds on your new carnosa survived the relocation stress. It really is striking how the fragrance picks up at night. I guess plants can shout after all.


Is your name a double entendre? ;) It's good to fertilize weekly weakly with a balanced fertilizer. Many people like Dyna-Gro's Foliage Pro, for example. Propagating Hoyas is very easy, so you should definitely try it without reservations.

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