Cuttings For Friends (Questions)

moonwolf_gwJuly 18, 2010

Hi everyone,

I took some cuttings off of my Pink Silver and carnosa, potted them up yesterday and the day before. Here are the pictures.

Pink Silver (the trellis is an old coat hanger)

Carnosa (I took at least seven cuttings to fill up the pot)

The Pink Silver cuttings seemed to have rooted the day after I took them! Maybe it had to do with the cuttings having the aerial roots on them?

These do have future homes, I'm happy to say! They'll be going to my younger friends, who don't have a green thumb.

I wanted to make sure with you guys that I got the basics straight so I can tell them how to take care of them.

What I've told people whom I've given cuttings to (theirs are still alive, mind you) is:

Let them dry out between waterings. They need more in spring/summer (I tell them to water at least once or twice a week) than in fall/winter (I say, depending on the variety, once a month (i.e. carnosa, pubicalyx) to every 10 days (i.e. multiflora, polyneura) ).

Don't repot them often. They don't mind being a little snug in the pots for long periods of time (my home-ec teacher said she hasn't repotted her carnosa for about 5-10 years!)

For fertilizing them, I tell them I use a tomato fertilizer(I read on here that bloom-boosters don't work. The tomato fertilizer seems to promote new growth faster).

Give them a sunny window, east, south (with a sheer curtain, i.e.) or west facing. You can put them outside too, in bright shade. Too much sun makes them yellow and/or scorch the leaves.

So, do I have it down pat? I hate to be responsible for their plant's death. My sister kept overwatering hers and it died. However, all the rest of my friends have their plants alive and well!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I forgot to add this part.

"Be sure to use warm/room temprature water. If you use too hot or cold water, you'll shock the roots."

And this: "You don't have to use fertilizer, but it helps."

I also tell them to look in the box stores and the Internet for more hoya plants and information (Of course, I say the hoya forum is the best place to go!)

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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AndrewH(z8 Vanc. WA)

I think I could follow those instructions. :)

Though, depending on their plant growing experience, you might want to qualify "let them dry out between waterings". I could just see someone not watering it for two months, "But you told me to let it dry between waterings!"

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That's good to know! I gave away the Pink Silver cuttings to my one friend yesterday and all I told her was to make sure it was dry before watering again. I'm going to type up a care sheet on my typewriter (printer's out of ink) for her. I usually tell people to check for dryness using the finger method.

LOL, I could see my friends saying that! I'll make sure to tell them to check it a few times a week.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I wouldn't even say anything about how often to water, and I'd say let it dry a LITTLE between waterings. I don't let mine get very dry at all. In fact, I'd say I water them BEFORE they become dry. If you have the right mix and you don't let them stand in water, there's really little risk of overwatering, except maybe in winter. I would suggest to your friends to learn the "feel" method to determine if a plant needs to be watered. That has always served me best!

Denise in Omaha

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Thanks, Denise!

I've always used the feel method too! I'll be sure to tell them that!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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