White garden in the shade?

ljama98(Zone 6 NY)July 11, 2004

I plan to start yet another garden next spring. I really want it to be a white garden, but the area is quite shady. Infact, I'd say it doesn't get much direct sun at all. It's not dark shade though. Anyway, I figured I could try some white astilbes and some hostas that are mostly white. Other than that I cant think of anything. Does anyone think that this idea is possible. Oh, I didn't mention...it will be quite a large garden. About 40' long and about 4' wide so I'll need lots of plants.

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

I too share the interest of a white garden. I think it is possible, and quite an undertaking that large...the more to have fun with. Off the top of my head epimedium nanum comes to mind, I've sucessfully grown asiatics and oriental liles in 'high' shade. I think there are other lilies like candidum that will tolerate shade as well. I'll have to give it some thought, see what I have that is happy in shade. Some of the hostas with white flowers will be useful in August, some are fragrant too. I can't grow astilbe's here..I don't have the water for our long hot summers. I am sure that there are a million things that grow in the shade...lamium White Nancy and Silver Beacon. Brunnera Jack Frost has silvery foliage and likes the shade. There is also a light colored silvery white form of Japanese Painted Fern. If your garden area gets some sun early in the spring, you have many choices for spring bulbs..also bleeding hearts (Alba) do well in shade. As I think of some, I'll jot them down and make a list to post for you. Good luck, and have fun. JoAnn

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