Local source for variety of Hosta, do you have a favorite?

JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)July 12, 2005

I have recently been adding hosta to my gardens, and we are about to do a shade garden that covers a large area along the side of my property. I prefer to buy my plants locally, if I can. Does anyone have a source in the Hudson Valley that seems to carry a good selection of Hosta?

I already have a few that I have added, but I want to add quite a few more.

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playsinthedirt20(z6 HudsonValley)

Matterhorn Nursey in Spring Valley. That's their specialty. A bit pricey, but a great selection. They also have display gardens, including a fabulous Hosta Garden. They're on the web.

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

Thank you, I have heard of them, but didn't know much about them or where they are located. I'll look them up. I've only been to Cropsey Farms in Rockland County and that was a year or so ago.

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

JoAnne, I've been collecting hostas for about 5 years. The locally available variety is not extenstive. I've also found the labeling to be less than perfect.

If you're looking for large, healthy plants try Adams ($$$$$) in Newburgh, or Thompson Ridge Nursery in (?)Circleville.

Hoeffner's and Twin Pond Nursery in Montgomery have some that are reasonably priced. Things start to go on sale now and you can pick hostas up at Lowe's and Home Depot, but you really have to watch out for Hosta Virus X there (http://www.hallsongardens.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=63).

If you're looking to start a collection, go to the exchange section of the Hosta Forum or the Plant Exchange Forum. Participating in the secret trades will greatly expand your collection and it's mostly free.

Also check out Hallson Gardens Hosta forum. http://www.hallsongardens.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=1

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

HI Diane, thank you. I really had no idea of the type of hosta available, like you mention, the local selection isn't much, so I wasn't really impressed with hosta. Then I started seeing some of the ones you see listed in catalogs, but in person and they are really gorgeous.

I am pretty new to hosta, the few that I have aren't size enough to start dividing to share yet, other than a few typical undualatas.

I recently placed an order from Naylor Creek, but there are so many, I'd still like to buy locally. I did get a few from Adam's in Newburgh..I had gotten my Aphrodite there three years ago, and my Guacamole, and also my Francee. Fire and Ice was a real treat to find there. So far, that is the only place I have seen any variety. I think I got Brim Cup at Devitts a few years back. I may try Matterhorn later in the week. I don't think I am going to pay big bucks though. I'll still look, and if I find a must have at a reasonable price, fine, but if not, it will give me a chance to see some of them 'in person'. Most times a photo or catalog just does not do a plant justice. It is easy to overlook one in a catalog, that has happened a few times to me.

I recently saw on the hosta forum someone mentioned Hallson Gardens as a reliable source. Now you've confirmed it too. I'll have to check out their website. Thank you for the weblink above about HVX...that is really a scary thing in the back of my mind.

I see from your site, you REALLY like Hosta. How have you faired with this virus? I see you have an extensive and impressive collection. Very nice, I bet they are just beautiful. Any chance you can post a photo or so of your hosta gardens. I don't think I've ever seen that many hosta even listed in a catalog..lol.

Are deer or groundhogs a factor where you are? One of the things that concern me as I start my journey of hosta exploration and gathering, is that the deer will come along and make a feast of that many in one location. I am planning a new shade garden that will be 50 to 75 feet by 15 or so feet with a sitting area, so I have many to gather. We have a deer run through here, but knock on hickory...the spray I use has helped so far this season. Of all my gardens I have only lost the tops off my geranium Splish Splash and a few leaves from an Oreintal Lily stem. That's it. You never know when they will decide to eat it anyway, or a rain will come and I do not get to spray though.

Thank you again for the reminder that some places put hosta on sale this time of year, I'll have to make the rounds again. JoAnn

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I grow one hosta due to space and deer, and that's Honey Bells...because the flowers smell like gardenias. I got it from a catalog years ago. It lives and fluorishes in full sun.

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

Thank you for the recommendation of Honey Bells, I love gardenias, that may be one that I plant near my bench in the garden. I'll have to check it out and see who has it.

Susan, I have about a dozen or so hosta and a foundation lined with undulatas. They have not been touched at all this season ( fingers crossed at the time I say this ). I use a pepper spray deterent and so far, so good. Normally they are all eaten to the ground several times over. I have deer through here, ground hogs squirrels chipmunks and rabbits. Have you tried sprays? There are many commercial ones but I make one out of two eggs 1/4 cup Frank's hotsauce and a few cloves of garlic smashed...let the mix steep an hour up to a month ( I usually use it within a week). I strain it through a fine seive and add water to make a quart and pour it into a spray bottle I get at the dollar store. It has worked for two seasons. Some of the plants may get spotted. I avoid direct sun when I spray. I try to do it in the evenings. I barely even touch the plant with it, just a spritz per plant and move on. I have five large gardens, so it takes about 10 minutes to do them. I only have to do it after a heavy rain ( not just a sprinkle) or a heavy watering session. I do not use it on anything edible, ie herbs or vegetables, and I try to avoid the flowers now, in case the butterflies taste it. I wouldn't guarantee it or anything, but it does work for me. It hasn't damaged any of my plants other than some leaf spotting on some. ( At least there is foliage to spot, if not, they'd eat it all to the ground. They didn't touch, lilies, tulips, phlox, hosta, daylilies, sedum, all their favorites are still here. You may want to try it, then become obsessed with hosta like me...ha ha ha..JoAnn

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

I recently went to Adam's in Newburgh and picked up two Honey Bells ( $1.99 each in the quart pots) and an Invincible in a larger pot...all are 20% off. I haven't made it to Matterhorn yet. I did order some hosta from Naylor Creek, and they are beautiful, only two days from order to my door! At their normal shipping fee. I snapped a photo after I unpacked them, I have to go and give them a drink now. This was posted on the Hosta forum also..that was where I heard about Naylor Creek and tried them. I still enjoy looking for them at local nurseries, you never know what you might find. ( Like the Echinacea "Big Sky Sunrise" which I picked up at the Landscape Place in Newburgh looking for hosta. The flowers are larger than the Sunrise which I love, and they have a small bluish coloration near the cone..just beautiful. I may take a photo when I go out in a bit..want to get them all in the ground) JoAnn.

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hosta_miser(z6b PA)

Try Lorjon's in Pine Bush (?). They have about 20-25 varieties usually, but all large and healthy plants reasonably priced ($8-15).

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

Thank you..I've never been there, of course, the HOSTA MISER>..ha ha ha, I should have asked you. I will definitely search them out too.

Although I had another 10 yards of mulch delivered this morning, I am shaking my head, saying I must be insane. The dozen or so hosta I planted last night made it through the night. I was afraid I'd wake up to stubs.

Thanks for the tip, I love going to new places. I'll be in Pine Bush for a family outing next month..hope they won't mind if I"m a wee bit late...ha ha ha ( just kidding..I could bring them a hosta gift...) Thanks..JoAnn

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Jo Ann, what I've been using with success this year to deter the deer and rabbits is dried blood. I throw it on the plants. I bought a huge bag at Adams in the organic fertilizer section. The only time the deer ate my garden was after I sprayed Deer Solution on, after a rain. So I'm sticking with the blood for now. I do wear a mask and gloves because I keep picturing mad cow disease. LOL.

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