Bye Bye Pond

almosthookedApril 16, 2013

Today after working for hours trying to clean out leaves, branches , black water and dirty rocks from pond area, I had enough of it. Drilled holes in the bottom of the old satelite dish and in the process of filling it with soil and making it into another hosta/ flower bed. The birds will have to get use to getting a drink out of the smaller pond I have with my goldfish in. It is not near as much work to keep it clean because it is not under a weeping willow tree.I will tier it with rocks and plants. I have seemed to have got a couple more hosta that just followed me home in my sport trac on our latest trip to the Greenery

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Fay, that is gorgeous! I'm showing it to my DH so he won't think I'm demanding too much of him. All ("ALL....hehehehehe") I want is a rubber pond liner in this big huge ginormous pot so I can have the tiny mosquito fish in there breeding and eating skeeter larva. I had one set up in this container, but somehow it kept leaking out, and in the summer it got too low one day, and I lost my fish and my water plants. Now I see I must, absolutely MAHST, have it back again.

And I see there are quite a few who followed you home. Good for you!

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Hostas on little-bitty Sport tracs following you???? I've had things like that happen to me concerning Hosta as well. It's not like you're hooked on Hosta, they FOLLOWED you! I understand. A pond under a tree like that sounds like a HUGE amount of work to keep clean and unclogged. There is no better alternative than creating a new Hosta bed out of it. This is what I keep telling my wife about the stupid backyard lawn!!!! LOL Good work, Faye!

Don B.

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Moc.. I will have to send a picture of my neighbor's pond they built. it is the size of a regulation pool and has 2 waterfalls and at least 15 -20 , two foot koi , some they have had for over 20 years .
Don, I could take out all my front lawn and fill it with a koi pond but couldn't afford the pumps and the filter system to keep it clean besides the trucks of large rocks and liners and plants.. It is a beauty but I guess I will have to stick with the lawn instead. You seem to be expanding on your newest purchases too..ain't it fun!!!

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Beautiful garden.

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jadie88(7 MD)

Just beautiful! I can see how the upkeep would be drudgery though. :) Time to go shopping for (all together now...) More Hosta!

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All I have is a little creek running by my hosta gardens,but if I had to clean it up the way I would like,I'm afraid the effort would kill me! Sorry you had to lose your pond,Faye,but you can still make a nice hosta garden out of it. Keep up the good work,and say hi to Myrle for me,as she seems to be missing from the forum lately. Phil

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Thanks for the comments and the latest emails I recieved from a bunch of you .. I really appreciate all the support and encouragement. I too am sad to lose the pond but will how have more time and room for more hosta Yippi!
As for Myrle she has been busy outside cleaning her large areas, moving hosta, hauling rocks for a new mini area and slinging manure onto her cleaned beds. I will give her your regards Phil
Thanks again guys . Wonderful to have such a support group!

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Update on my pond area.

Planted a Deluxe Edition, Paul's Glory and a Regal Splendor in the far back and a Orange Marmalade under the existing Liberty. I still will miss the pond but this will be easier to look after.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

You may miss the pond, but you won't miss the fall prep for winter, pond cleaning, leak fixing, etc.

I like what you did there. You'll need to post a filled in pic later in the year.


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