Is this Hoya incurvula?

maidinmontanaJuly 17, 2009

Hi, I lost the tag for this one, I think it's incurvula, but there is another one that looks a lot like it can't remember the name but I think it started with a "B"

It hasn't bloomed yet so I can't say what color the flowes are. Thanks.


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Some people call it brevialata, but I have it on good authority that it's incurvula, so that's how I have mine tagged.

Denise in Omaha

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I am not quite sure if these the same or not, but there are two comparison pictures by the Hawaiian grower that make me think they are possibly different species. If you go to the links I posted below, you can see in the pictures that H. brevialata has generally longer leaves and they are more pointed at the top...they are also more 'pointed' at the base, where the leaf connects to the stem. As for H. incurvula, the leaves are generally shorter and not as narrow, and they are flat at the base (where the leaf connects to the stem).

That being said, if there is a difference between the two, I believe your's to be H. brevialata.

Here are the links that I am going by:

Hope that helps,

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Well, I got was I was looking for, the difference between the two. I was saying it was incurvula, now that I see two side by side I am more inclined to think it is H. brevialata. Now that I think of it the tag did say Sulawesi and when I looked it up under that name I think both species turned up in the search.

Mine has the more pointed leaf and base and is also more narrow.

Thanks Denise and Gabi.

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