Sugar Cane hedge?

echobellyOctober 10, 2010

I was thinking of planting a privacy screen along a 60 ft. fence in the front of our property and am considering sugar cane. Does any one here grow it? It would receive full sun. I was told to wait till spring to plant it, so that gives me plenty of time to prepare the soil. Does it need fertile soil, or will it grow in our sandy soil? Will I need to cut it back every year? I like it because it's tall and nice and thick. Any advice will be appreciated!

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I grow it here in the sandy soil with minimum amendments, but the frosts will kill it and it has to be replanted. What I've found is I can cut the stalks then protect the roots from frost with straw and it will come up again the next year. I don't think using it as a privacy screen would work well because the stalks die back in winter and fall over from the wind. To propagate it you chop up the stalk in the fall leaving two knuckles each section, dip the cut ends in melted wax to seal them so they will stay viable and not dry out until spring. I store them in a cool place, and plant them just under the surface lying flat in the spring. It may work different for you in zone 10.


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