Good weather and motivation returning...

JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)August 26, 2004

Hi, thanks all for sharing in my misery and procrastination..I thought I'd let you all know, that it is passing and yesterday I completely weeded a front bed, and it looks great again. That gives me more motivation to do another. I did some deadheading, and removed almost a wheelbarrow of debris, weeds, and pruned plant material. I feel a lot better. I still have a lot more to do, but the weather has been beautiful for this type of garden work, especially for August. I hope to get out there again today, before the humidity comes back. I have the formosa lilies blooming now, the anemone Honerine Jobert are in bud, and rising and the Hilside Black Beauty Cimifuga has put up it's wands. I have moonflower vines covered in buds, so I am getting a bit more motivated..with anticipation. I have put in some bulb orders, and I see the foliage of the candidum lilies, oriental poppies and muscari coming up..all good signs...Just thought I'd share some positive energy....JoAnn

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JoAnn, your pictures are beautiful, I saw the ones you posted on the white garden also. I myself need motivation -am getting ready to buy property in Montgomery County, won't move for another year and a half, but now I seem to have lost my whole desire to keep up with my garden here since I will be moving at some time in the future. I keep telling myself that it will look nice for the time that I am here, but the summer is almost over and I always get depressed this time of year. I am trying to get out of it, bought some pots about a month ago and they are still sitting there waiting to be planted. I need to get them into the ground VERY soon and your "motivation returning" I think is helping me, so thanks so much.

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

Giniene, you don't know how many times we've dicsussed selling our house, and the thought of leaving 10 years of gardening totally drains me. I understand what you are feeling. Only you have it double. I keep thinking, I'll take a little of this or that with me, if we do, but in reality, you can't take it with you. At least not me. I then think about all the things that I can't do here because of one situation or another, and that starts to cheer me up, and make me think of fresh possibilities. I'd say, make the most of what you have, that way you won't have any regrets when you go.

Thank you for compliments on my pictures. It is my way of sharing something I think is so nice. It's nice to have internet 'neighbors'.

Thinking of fall usually cheers me up a bit. A bale of hay, some pots of mums, a few pumpkins and and pear is only around the corner..don't let this lull get to you too much...

There will be lots of us here cheering you on, and sharing your new experiences when you do move. I know I have learned so much from my coming to the Garden Web. Thanks for sharing in it for me.


Thanks for your post, I am not even down that deer ate one of my favorite hosta this afternoon right in front of my front porch, and some lovely phlox that were in a border near my driveway. ( I haven't sprayed in at least a month or's my fault..I pushed it too far, and the good feeling I got from starting to get back out there is carrying me through..I'm still smiling. )

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JoAnn you know exactly what I am talking about. Even though I have been here for only 3 summers, these gardens are the first ones I ever had, being a city girl for almost all of my life. I keep thinking of my first rose bush I ever had, can I take it with me? And the pond we put in the beginning of the summer, I have to leave that too. I don't think I can catch my fish and frogs and even if I do, I need to establish a pond up there first. I am told that there is a natural pond by the woods but it is overgrown by brush and needs a lot of work. I am excited by the fact that I will have much more room to garden, though, as I will have acres upon acres to work with. Even so, I am going to plant what I bought last month today or tomorrow to give myself the satisfaction of getting it done. As I mentioned to you a while ago when you posted your white garden, I was thinking of doing it and bought some nice white plants. Then we went on a boat with friends, then it rained, then we went on vacation, then we started going house hunting and my whole project went down the tubes! I don't know if this will work, but here is my pond if it does. Thanks again for your encouragement!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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JustJoeyGirl(z5 NY)

Oh, wow! I can see why you would hate to leave it. SO colorful, and I LOVE the pond..those frogs just make me smile...ha ha ha.. I'm sure things will be fine.

I've had good luck with transplanting rose bushes. It is good to plant the things you have already bought. I am sure you can take divisions of some of your plants. This past spring I took a section of a veronica I had and they both did wonderfully, the old plant looked better than last year, so the division really helped it. I think I will be a little more enthusiastic about dividing my perennials now, seeing how it helps them perform better. I was always afraid I'd lose them.

Thanks for sharing the photo, it came over fine. Post more, it looks like you've done a lot for three summers.

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Thanks for the compliments JoAnn. I have tried very hard to do things properly as I knew NOTHING about gardening when I moved here in the spring of 2002. There was nothing but overgrown grass here and I did a lot of research, made many mistakes and am gradually learning more every day. I am thinking about transplanting some things when I move, I just haven't decided what I can't bear to leave. I do know that I will have plenty of space to start a new garden, it is a 37 acre property that used to be a farm, it has a small cottage on it right now. My father in law is going to live there and we are going to have a house built, so it will be at least spring 2006 before I move. Here is another angle of my pond, again, I hope it works. I don't have any other pics available, but would love to share them during the week when I get them. Have a great week-end, I am planning on planting tomorrow. Giniene

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