Can Garlic Kill Raspberry Crown/Cane Borers

Greenhorn2(6)August 22, 2013

Anyone have experience with killing Raspberry Crown/Cane Borers with Garlic, or some other organic methods....i'm trying to salvage my Raspberry bushes and it seems i may have both differant borers already infesting my bushes and i don't want to pull these bushes as i don't have anywhere else to plant on the property, any help is welcome.

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I just did a search for raspberry cane borers and a whole lot of websites came up with all the info you need. I've never had the problem or I'd chime in with what works. I live in the Catskills and am surrounded with 4 kinds of wild raspberries so I am filled with them all summer. The only pests we have are deer, and BEARS who eat the entire plant down to the ground, thorns and all!

I wish you good luck!

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