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wiigodess(9)October 27, 2013

Morningloree, Thanks so much for having a garden get-together it was great to put faces with names. I had a great time, you have a beautiful house and gardens. We all got a bunch of great plants and meet really nice people.
Thanks Joan

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Thanks Joan,
It was so nice to meet you, I got the shampoo ginger planted! I personally enjoyed everyone so much: Susie the incredible propagator, especially of Roses. Amber and her family, who made such great pumpkin bread, I tried Amber's secret with the Miracle Fruit seeds. Kara and her encyclopedic knowledge of plants and pictures of her beautiful garden art Thank you for the eggs, I had some this morning. I don't know the last time I had fresh eggs. I wish Micheal and his daughter could have stayed longer. Dee was so much fun, I am glad we gave her a good start on her garden. I had a busy day getting stuff in the ground, my husband thought I had actually cleared plenty of plants off the lanai. Phew...

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I'd also like to get on here and say a huge THANK-YOU to Dawn for her generous hospitality. Besides throwing a great party and giving away all her plants, Dawn made all of us not ever want to leave her fabulous home!

Michael, we hated that you had to leave early . . your daughter is a delight. I appreciate the seeds you gave us and I also got some lettuce babies you started. Please keep us posted about your garden this fall.

Amber, you must have the world's best-behaved kids. I wish I had've gotten some pics of them in the garden - they were so adorable. You may find rocks in your washing machine. That's my fault!
Did you give Dee two bare-root plants that look like firespike foliage, wrapped in newspaper? I took all her plants home with me to pot and label. Everything got kinda mixed up, including my thoughts and memories of important stuff.

Joan, it was fun to get to know you and I'm glad you started this thread. I'm going to be looking for you to post pics of your happy plants and I'll be looking for you the next time we all get together.

And thanks, Kara, for making the long drive and bringing so many plants. Your photos of your cool flowers and glass art-work were amazing. I'm sure I'll be asking ya about some of these plants you gave us. I hope you got a lot to take home, too.

You guys are so wonderful and Dee was very impressed with you at her first swap. I counted about 20 plants in her stash, not including cuttings and rhizomes, so we will have lots of work to do this week!

And Dawn - thanks again for the orchids and the ham and the fun tour and for constantly going back to the yard to get more cuttings for us. You sure got a work-out. And thanks for sharing your piece of the Garden of Eden with us.


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KaraLynn(z9 FL, Inverness, Citrus)

It was a wonderful day and I really enjoyed seeing your garden, Dawn! You have such a lovely garden and home. I told my mom all about your kitchen and she was wishing that she could have seen it. I spent all day yesterday in the garden getting the plants I came home with along with a buch that have been sitting around planted. The weather was perfect and it felt so good to spend an entire weekend outside just being around plants. I did manage to take some pictures of the garden and the people before my camera's batteries died.

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Great photo's, so sorry I had to miss a swap again. One of these days I'll get to one and get to meet some of you in person.
Dawn your garden looks lovely!! Does anyone have more pictures?

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Confederate Rose

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Air Plant Birdcage

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Musical Notes Clerodendrum
(Dawn, is that Cleopatra Canna in the back?)

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I love the bird cage air plants, great idea!!!

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Yes, Cleopatra of the Retention Pond! I will share babies, it will probably die down and in the spring, I'll have some extras. I think Kara you got the gold fish plant starts. I should have warned you there is a start of Japanese Hydrangea Vine in there, too. I remember you said you didn't have much room for vines. This little guy is a shade lover, I forgot to put it in a separate pot. I hope the sweet almond cuttings root well, they are supposed to be easy, but I don't know if it has a season that is better to do cuttings in.

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