Spring bulbs sprouting ?

philomena(z 5A NY)September 8, 2006

I've just noticed that some of my spring bulbs are sprouting - they would be either muscari or scilla, I'm not sure which - I didn't label all that well :-) Is this a little strange ? I put in these bulbs last fall, and they bloomed beautifully this spring - but is this how they behave ? I'm worried this might hurt the spring growth - any ideas ?

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Probably muscari - one of the drawbacks of the grape hyacinths is that they throw up foliage in fall and then stay green all winter and bloom in spring - or maybe it's an advantage. But it can be a nuisance if you want to make a clean sweep of the area they're in. Don't worry - the usual thing with them.

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philomena(z 5A NY)

That's good news, that this is usual behavior. I do recall, now, that not long after planting the bulbs last year, we had a period of very warm, spring like weather, and that the bulbs sprouted a little. I thought it was because of the weather. The leaves got nibbled by something - deer, woodchuck, I'm not sure, but recovered fine. Looks like they are naturalizing nicely - the clumps are much larger this year.

Thanks for the info :-)

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I have hyacinth and lily bulbs trying to break ground, so I just covered them with more soil - they will have to wait until spring in my garden.

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My bulbs do this every year, even throughout the winter after warm days. As long as the flower buds are safely underground, they'll be fine.

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