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upstatebhhSeptember 24, 2012

Hi all. I apologize if this is the incorrect forum.

My wife and I recently purchased 40 acres of land in Ulster County that is mostly wooded. The land was previously owned by an elderly couple and there has not been much in the way of maintenance for the past decade or so and although quite beautiful, there are a lot of downed trees and forest debris scattered over much of the property. The property also has about 1600 feet of frontage along a Class A trout stream as well with a native brown and brook trout populations.

Is there a state agency (DEP, DEC, etc.) or other organization that I can contact that would assist us in coming up with a proper land management program to get the property back in good condition, reduce the chances of wildfires, etc. We'd like to be good stewards of land while we own it.

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Try the state forestry department at the DEP. They can get you in contact with organizations that can help. I know here there is a program called COVITS I heard about when I attended a symposium on urban forestry at Connecticut College given by Bob Ricard. Covits are piles of brush that serve as shelter for wildlife. Yale and other colleges also have forestry schools or environmental education programs, Cornell has outreach through the extension service too. Mother Earth News has books and articles on small woodlot management.There are small woodlot groups too. I think University of New Hampshire was doing a TV show too-it might be on u-tube.I think it was called "Better Woodlots". Now there is also a "forest farming" movemet-part of the sustainable community. NOFA and SARE might have some links for you. It sounds very beautiful. On my own property, I used brush and branches to terrace the contours of the hillsides to slow and filter runoff.It is important where you have high quality watershed not to "break open" the soil and let it bleed silt into the river. You might want to get a tree key and key out what species you have on the property. Watch out for foresters who want to log your property and tell you your trees are not valuable species or who tear up the place. Mcmurray hatcheries have native chicks for sale you can raise and release too. Good luck!!!

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thank you for the information!

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