Elephant Ears ...... How to store them for the winter?

lachic(z6 NY)October 31, 2006

Does anyone know how I could store my elphant ears during the winter months. I bought little starter plants this spring and they are really beautiful. I'm really not sure what kind of root system they have, although; I've seen hugh elephant ear bulbs in stores. I would rather store them away if possible as, I don't think I'll be able to pot them all up. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Thank you!

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I've never grown these but for most tubers and bulbs the recommendation is a cool, dry place. Maybe a paper bag in the crisper tray? Just be sure it never gets below freezing. Of course, if you've got an unheated cellar that doesn't freeze,you are well ahead - just make sure they are protected from mice since the tubers are very edible.
Also a good idea to check mid-way through the winter and, if they show signs of shriveling, dampen and put in plastic bag to rehydrate. Or store in damp sand.

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lachic(z6 NY)

oldroser - Thank you for your tip....I'll give it a try!

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If you put them in a reasonable sized pot, they will do great indoors in a sunny spot. They are a tropical plant; I don't think they want to be cold, but I could be wrong. Mine do fine in a SW facing window and produce leaves all winter. They still need lots of water.


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lachic(z6 NY)

Carol....Thank you! I'm going to try potting up some of the smaller plants. The plants have gotten so large that I won't be able to place them all indoors. I was thinking of removing the little baby plants from the main plant and, keeping them indoors. This way if the bulb dies in storage, I would have the plant to replant oudoors next spring. They are just beautiful plants.....I love them!

Thanks so much for your tip!

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Lachic - be sure to put them in a large enough pot. I don't plant mine in the ground, just keep them in the pot.

Are you from LA?


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Ooops - just realized you are in NY; Your name confused me. Sounds like something my sister in LA would call herself :-)


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I grow the smaller one's inside in a west window and the larger one I let dry out and put in a cool spot.


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