scented_berry(Z5 upstate NY)October 4, 2005

Anyone ever spot groups of chestnut trees (castanea) in our area or anywhere in Eastern NY? I remember we had a lot of trees before the blight, but I wanted to show my young nephews, kids etc where the tree where those yummy chestnuts are from and there aren't any to show them. If you know a place, please let me know.

Oh well, may be I'm just dreaming of the old time :) Thank you!

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I have on my mantel a chestnut bur that a visitor picked up in the woods here - but he didn't remember where and I've never seen a live tree. Apparently occasionally a seedling does get large enough to bear before being dying from blight.
When I was a child, the woods were full of dead chestnuts - wonderful wood for fence rails since it split so easily. One of my chores was to split wood for kindling and it was a real pleasure to take an axe to a chunk of chestnut as it required barely an effort to split it into thin splints. But even 70 years ago, there were no living trees left.

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blackcat333(z6 NY)

At Museum Village ( in Monroe they have the trunks of American Chestnuts used as columns in one of the buildings. I believe they were salvaged during the blight. There is also a small display about them. You can also go to to find out how these trees are being reintroduced.

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