Hard freeze last night

oldroser(z5)October 13, 2006

I was out at 2 am and turned the sprinkler on the vegetable garden so this morning it was coated in ice. The tomato foiage died but the fruit was protected and I just picked another 17 pounds, bringing the total for the year to 115. That's less than last years 120 pounds and I planted two more tomatoes this summer. But not a bad crop over-all I should have tomatoes right up to the first of November with any luck. After that it will be a long wait until next July.

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nygardener(z6 New York)

I was lucky  I had a little frost damage but plenty of things were fine, including many tender plants. I've just taken indoors those that were potted and will do the same the next couple of nights. Threw a blanket over a couple of beds and we'll see how they look in the morning ....

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makalu_gw(z5b NY)

So far, I've missed everything though there's been frost in the valley on both sides on Friday and Saturday. This year, being at 850 feet elevation has really helped extend the season and even the peppers and basil are still alive.

Most of my tomatoes are still green and I don't think they're going to ripen before a killing freeze. I'm around 50 lbs of tomatoes and it's the first year I've been that high - I've learned a lot about the canner this year!

I think I'll hedge bets and bring in most of the tender things I can this weekend - like lemongrass and the bay tree - just in case the weather people miss one.

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What do you folks have, a scale in your garden??

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My flowers & herbs weathered the frost last week (even the basil) but I'm feeling that chill today.

Thinking of disconnecting the drip watering system today and doing my cutting back (hydrangeas) next weekend and shoveling some soil around the roots of the hedge roses (which are still blooming miraculously).

Is everyone else on the same wavelength or am I a bit early? Late?

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philomena(z 5A NY)

I'm a little confused too - I haven't had any hard frosts at all yet - my impatience are all still in flower, even the ones in hanging pots, which really surprises me. All the potted tender herbs are also still going. I feel like I should be starting to cut things back, but so many plants are still in bloom ! I'll probably start some cleanup next weekend also, as there are some plants way past peak, like rudbeckia, so that should be OK.

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The tomatoes are weighed after they are picked and brought into the house. Just as a matter of record so I can see how this year's crop compares to last year and the year before. Tomatoes were a week later this year and frost a week earlier but I think most of the decrease in production was due to the cool, wet summer.
The cannas and fig tree came inside this morning - colder temperatures are predicted by mid-week and we've already had mornings down to 26 degrees.

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I live in Wurtsboro and work in Middletown. The difference in weather is dramatic. I left for work the other day and it was 34 degrees at home. In Middletown it was 42. Picked the last of my Supersweets last week. Everyrhing else was uprooted weeks ago due to heavy downpours. Still a good tomato year but not the best. What varieties are you all growing in 07? I have hundreds of varieties of seeds if anyone is interested in trading. ED

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