H. latifolia has some crazy roots

penfold2(4b, MN)July 22, 2012

A number of my Hoyas tend to grow aerial roots in the high humidity of my greenhouse, but this was a new one for me. I went to lift the pot of my H. latifolia today and felt a tug as I raised it. When I looked down I saw that one of the vines had rooted quite securely onto the flat surface of the bench. Water tends to pool there whenever I water the Hoyas, and it's shaded by the leaves and other pots so it doesn't dry out very quickly. I guess that's all the encouragement this Hoya needed to start rooting onto the bench. Weird.


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I have had them actually root onto the glass of my rooting tank.
This species needs all the help it can get to hold up those heavy leaves.


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Looks happy, happy, happy!

Denise in Omaha

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Loving those pictures, Chris! My Hoyas are constantly attaching themselves to the egg crating grids they sit on, but it's way cooler when it is aerial roots.

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Why don't you send one of those to me...^_^

I'm just kidding, but that's just another reason I must have this Hoya.

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penfold2(4b, MN)

Thanks guys.

For some reason a part of me never expects these large leaved plants to do well outside of tropical jungles, but this one has been a strong grower. The leaves are unbelievably thick so I can see why it needs such strong supporting roots as Mike said. I really need to make some trellises for some of my Hoyas since they're just kind of sprawling about right now.


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This post kind of reminds me of that quote that CB put in her article about H. multiflora, describing an early collection of it growing attached to a block of wood. "John Lindley, writing in Botanical Register in 1840, reported that a plant grown by the Messrs. Loddiges (British Nurserymen) in their greenhouse was growing on "the block of wood upon which it was imported." He said that the entire block of wood was placed into a pot and surrounded by a light soil. He added, "It will grow in any light soil, the chief thing in its cultivation being a warm and moist atmosphere."
Source: The Hoyan Vol. 1 #1

I always thought that was a cool image.

I also really liked Mike's (rather obvious in retrospect) reminder that large leafed climbers need some extra help supporting themselves.

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