The Right Type Of Flowerpot?

moonwolf_gwJuly 7, 2010

Hi everyone,

I gave my neighbor some KP cuttings from my own plant plus ones I got in a trade. I potted them up for her in one of those self watering pots for AVs (she bought it). I used my own mix (soil and orchid bark and the soil that the rooted KP cuttings came in, which I think has perlite in it). Anyway, does this kind of pot work on hoyas? I do not see any problems with it so far and I think the cuttings I took and put in with the pot are rooted!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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kellyknits(6/WV Eastern Panhandle)

Hmmmm....sounds like a good experiment! Keep us posted on how they do. You may be on to something, Brad!


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