free milkweed seeds or plants

amber_m(5)July 19, 2013

does anyone know anywhere i could get free milkweed seeds or plants? i would like to transform my backyard into a monarch garden and would like LOTS of milkweed. it bothers me that i havent seen a monarch butterfly in a few years and i would like to help give them a safe place to be. any help or info would be greatly appreciated!

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Amazon has 100 seeds for 80 cents plus is the link

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ok cool, thank you!

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I can send you a lot of seeds.

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Hi Amber
I have 2 colors and they had a lot of seeds right now. One is yellow, another red/ yellow center.
I can send you seeds too.

Do you have white color? would you like to trade?

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hi, i would be very grateful for some seeds... its sad that when i was a kid there were monarchs everywhere and everywhere you looked you could find some milkweed... now you have to really look HARD to find any... so sad!

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my monarchs eat my milkweed seed pods this year. But I do have seedlings pop up all over the yard. i have quite a few butterfly varieties visit my gardens. The one that I really love is the zebra long wing which is the state butterfly of Florida. The first few years i lived here I saw 1. Now I see them everyday! Having larval and nectar plants has done the trick.

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