OK, I bought 3 hostas from Jim...guess which ones?

esther_bApril 17, 2012

Keeping in mind that I have only a small circular garden under the tree in my yard for hosta, I purchased 2 mini and one small hosta just now from Jim's. Thank you everyone for your input about Jim's Hostas as a merchant.

By a bit of subterfuge, I have obtained more room under that tree to plant more hostas. I turned the original raggedy oval into a perfect circle, adding about 6" outward all the way around and then quickly mulching over the grass which was now included in my circle to save myself from any co-op wrath for taking a bit more lawn for myself. I get rave reviews on my garden from many passers-by, they never got any raves for the grass on the lawn, it's that simple. Must have more hosta-growing room.

I have wanted "Cherish" since I saw it last year, but didn't have room for it. Now that I made the necessary room, I got one from Jim. I didn't want it to be lonely, so I added "Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" and "Raspberry Sundae" to the order. I can hardly wait to see the plants and to put them in my garden!

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Oh, Esther, you are wonderful!!!
I bet your halo is even polished to perfection. :)
Well, I hope you have a nice spot to sit outside and drink a cup of tea, and notice all the hurried passers-by casting a pleased eye toward your small treasures.

I was just signing back on tonight to add experience with another grower, forgotten earlier, when I noticed your fresh post. They were mostly small jewels too. Munchkin, Oze, and X-Ray the tiniest of them, and then a bit larger None Lovelier and Peace. I ordered these from The Hosta Patch, my first experience with Tom.

What a charming mental image I have of your garden in a condo space in NYC!! You go girl!!

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Oh, I don't think I have a halo...

Here are 2 pics from last year. I had just purchased the Little Treasure, First Mate, and Maui Buttercups, so they are not grown large and full.

And here is a corner of my main garden, in front of the obligatory garden apartment bushes:

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Cher(6 SW OH)

Every inch of space makes a huge difference when you are limited. Sounds like some great new additions.

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