A Welcome Suprise!

moonwolf_gwJuly 12, 2010

Hi everyone,

Dad brought me home some two tomato cages for my hoyas that badly needed them. My new, huge diversifolia and RHP cuttings now are supported on the cages, and now I don't have to step over the vines! I'll post pictures later!

As for hoya updates, all my new cuttings are in the process of rooting out. No blooms so far except lacunosa (of course, when isn't it!) and it smells heavenly as always. A few of my hoyas (carnosa, shepherdii, motoskei and Chelsea to be exact) are getting a little yellowed from the sun. Motoskei has a bad case of sunburn though (leaves have patches on them) and I've been adding epsom salt to my watering can when I water them. The sun's been really harsh lately and they're showing it. Lacunosa and KP are a little yellowed too. My other hoyas, which get shade most of the day until late afternoon, are happy. Obscura and wayetti are out in the sun too,but are doing fine. Should I be worried?

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Here's RHP and diversifolia on the tomato cages.


Diversifolia (some of the leaves on the upper/middle left belong to Red Buttons)

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I never thought about using tomato cages before. I'll have to do that when some of mine get bigger.

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Ya, what a great idea! I have a Latifolia that I definitely will be caging as it is so heavy. Thanks for the idea!

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