Can I get your lovely opinions?

goddess9(7b)July 20, 2012

I'm hoping to give Joni some more business, and I'm looking at these hoyas:

H. potsii 'Chiang Mai'

H. pubicalyx 'RHP'/'Bright One'

Hoya sp. 910307 (Quivion area)

Are any of them going to suffer in my zone? Does anyone have any one of these hoyas and would like to share your experiences with them? Pics would also be lovely. :D

Thank you!

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I love the sp. 910307. It grows really fast and has gorgeous, glossy, heavily veined leaves. Here are some photos I took of it growing in the north window at my office. I just can't speak highly enough of this plant. As long as you are okay with medium-large leaves (they get about 5-6" long), you won't do better than with this Hoya. I have no idea how tolerant it is to the cold, but pressed up against that super drafty window (I sit a few feet away and need a space heater while I'm here), it grew like a weed all winter.

Hoya sp. 910307

Bright One (cold tolerant) is an attractive cultivar with rounder succulent leaves and gets a pretty splash on it. It's very different from RHP (cold tolerant), whose leaves are much more narrow and have nice coffee and wine tones. Together these two capture the publicalyx group very nicely.

Hoya publicalyx Bright One

I don't have a photo of pottsii 0087 (cold tolerant) here with me, but I'll see if I can snap one when I get home, comparing it to the other pottsiis I have. All the pottsiis are attractive - are you going for a certain characteristic? This one started growing right away after I got it - it didn't take time to settle in at all.

I really don't think you would have problems growing any of these Hoyas. They are all tough and fast.

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Thanks! You said the same things about fitchii, cummigiana, and lacunosa and you were spot on.

Joni just got Hoya sp. 910307 back in stock and I think I may just have to jump on it. I have many plants (mostly aroids) with 8-9" leaves, and I love love love it. I think I need a big-leafed Hoya in my life, then!

Potsii sp. Chiang Mai reminds me of the Chinese language, and I don't know why that rang true with me but I just must have it. I've been looking at it for a while now.

Which pubicalyx would you recommend? I'm trying to stay within a $50 purchase, heh. ^_^

Thanks for your input! I was hoping you'd pop your head in about the first Hoya. I remember you having it in your collection.

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Is there any hoya that GG doesn't have?????:-)

Gorgeous pictures one and all.


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@ goddess

Chiang Mai also has that ring to my ears. I understand what you mean by that making it more appealing to you. I was the same way about heuschkeliana and blashernaezii, which have a German sound to me.

As far as publicalyx goes, it's really a matter of taste. Historically, my favorite has been the RHP, which is also the favorite of many people here, because it is one of those "parrot Hoyas" with bright foliage displays. It also has exquisite new vines, this dark ebony color. And, of course, there are the flowers, which have a tendency to display great diversity in bloom color and spotting. And it has those long slender leaves, different from what we generally consider carnosa. Even if what CB surmises is correct and most of the carnosas and publicalyxes we have today are actually cultivars, RHP at least has a different look.

Source: Philippe Christophe

That said, currently I'm more partial to Bright One, just because people post about it less. When you google RHP, you will pull up a zillion pictures, but only 10 or so for BO, even though it is by no means extinct. I guess I'm just a fan of the underdog. ;P

@ Susan

Haha. I don't know whether to be flattered or embarrassed by the fact that my collection appears so expansive. ;) I think it just seems so because I seize any excuse to sing their praises.

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How many do you have, btw?

- Lauren

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6 Hoya publicalyx, 346 Hoyas. Sorry, I wasn't sure what you meant.

They are mostly pretty small though. ^_^' Nothing like the plants of the more veteran members.

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O_O LOL, that was more than I thought you would have!

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LOL, will newer show your post to DH, what he doesn't know can't hurt him ;). 350 even small pots it's a lot! Where do you keep all this happiness?

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Oh GG you make me look so well behaved, thanks for that.


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oh, GG, I enjoy your posts and your pictures. I've tried to look at your sites on the internet. Love your stuff.
Keep on keeping on!!!


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Oh man, I know I'm in trouble when I am making Mike look self-restrained. I always figured whatever Mike can manage, I can manage, if I just follow his orderly and organized model. Now you've gone and taken a year long Hoya collecting hiatus and I've tumbled out of line!

Maybe I'm still okay since I don't have orchids, right?

@ Susan

Thanks for your support! :) It makes me smile!

@ Aggie

I keep them all organized into labeled flats, that sit on wire shelving units, under artificial light. The bigger plants live on my deep windowsills. I'll try to take some pictures of the main body of plants tonight. Growing indoors like this, they aren't as boisterous as plants grown in a greenhouse or in sunny Florida, but the lights keep them at a nice steady pace.

When I first got interested in Hoyas, I thought: Better to acquire the bulk of my collection now, since it takes them so long to mature to blooming size. I imagined amassing 50 plants and just cooling my heels for the next few years, learning from the wise veterans, and eventually getting to post pictures of bloom 3 years hence.

Well, it turns out that collecting plants is a lot like skating down a hill. The more plants you have, the more opportunities you have to acquire new ones. It's as easy to go from 100 to 300 as it is to go from 0 to 50. Most people with large collections reach a point where they reassess and modify their behaviors, and I am sure this will happen to me, too, probably sometime soon.

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I agree about how easy it is to acquire 100 to 300. When you start out, you think you will never have a lot but after finding bunches of sources, the plants just accumulate whether from cuttings or rooted plants almost overnight. At least it seems that way.

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Who is this Joni of whom you speak? Is this y'all's favorite hoya source?

I'm a total newbie. I have exactly one hoya, an "exotic angel", that I have fallen in love with. I just about fell over when it bloomed, it was such an amazing surprise. One thing led to another research-wise, and I ended up here.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to develop a passionate relationship with some additional hoyas. Any resources you could steer me toward would be much appreciated. I've discovered "SRQ Hoyas," but most of the other sellers seem to be outside the U.S.

Thanks for any help you can provide! And pardon my newbieness. It will wear off, I promise.

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SRQ = Joni ~ Mary

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SRQ hoya is joni... there is also Gardino's nursery @ rareflora . com, i havent ordered through either of them but they both have glowing reputations...

Here is a link that might be useful: gardinos nursery

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My Hoyas have not been delivered yet. :( They were supposed to be here yesterday.


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