Carnosa getting too much sun?

hermie3rd(5)July 25, 2013

Hi All,

This is my first summer with my Carnosa. My mom gave it to me, from a cutting she planted. It's never bloomed for her, and when I first got it, I posted pics on here and someone suggested to me that the leaves were really dark, which indicated not enough light. I decided this summer to move it outside, and it is on the east side of my house, shaded by a lilac. I just wanted to post a couple of pictures to see if it is looking okay.

There were a few damaged leaves, I removed them. Other than that, it is producing long "shoots" which you can see in the picture as I've sort of intertwined them with a stick that is in the pot. Also, I've taken a picture of where you can see one of the new "shoots" with some reddish leaves.

Can you please let me know if my plant looks okay? Thanks!

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Actually the reddish vines are common on new growth. Your plant really looks great. TFS

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I've seen them get a bit washed out looking with a lot of sun. On the other hand they tend to bloom A LOT when in the full sun.

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Looks beautiful to me. One thing I have to caution is about dirt. Sounds crazy I know but when we moved south I put mine on the porch near a not too busy road. I was shocked to find out it had accumulated black road dirt. It can only be removed with alcohol and Q tips. I have been back north for 2 years now and still cleaning the dirt from my hoyas. They grow like weeds outside though so that is a plus.

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NB - Interesting. Mine is actually in between a lilac bush that shades it and my house. Our house is pretty far from the road, so I think it should be okay. But I will definitely keep an eye out for that!

Thanks for your input everyone! I had my hoya rope next to this guy, and it didn't fare so well in the shade. I don't know if maybe it was in a spot that it received dappled sunlight, because a lot of its leaves burned, which I have removed. It is producing new growth though, so I brought it back inside, cut off a few branches to re-root (just in case) and have it where it receives filtered light throughout the day. It was in the same spot before I moved it outside and doing well, so hopefully it makes a full recovery!

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