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2ajsmamaSeptember 21, 2011

Not a good day for jelly-making. I had a quart of grape juice (strained, even though I'm not finding tartar crystals), a quart of apple-grape (from cooking the grape jelly bag with apples later, per Farm journal Wild Grape Jelly recipe), and 3 C of apple pectin. Mixed all together (have a quart left) and did 2 batches of jelly. But one ring came totally off in the BWB the last 30 secs, lid floating around! Let it cool the 5 min, pulled the jars out, dumped that jar in with another 3C of juice for 2nd batch, emptied the BWB, did the 2nd batch (so only 7 jars total), went to dr, came home and found when I removed rings from 1st 3 jars that 2 looked like water (1/4" pretty clear - not weeping) on top even though they sealed. But they were jelled. So I just poured the liquid off, warmed the lids, warmed the jars (didn't dump the contents, I know, but couldn't see breaking the gel), processed 5 min with 5 min cooldown. Gotta keep an eye of those 2 jars (marked).

Maybe I didn't tighten the ring enough on the 1 jar, but not sure why I got water (? Or some separation?) on the tops of the other 2 jars that same batch. 4th jar looks fine. Plenty of headspace, wiped the rims. Made the same recipe (maybe more apples to grape ratio) last week and no problems. Any ideas?

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

I have not totally lost a ring, just had them loose.
Sounds like weeping to me from too much acid in the jelly.
That is what happens, you get a watery looking liquid on top of the jelly and sometimes down the sides, too.

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I've had some weep (the blueberry-black currant from the bottled juice) after they set up, esp. after opening and putting in the fridge. Some rings seem to loosen in the canner or maybe when I was lifting them out, but this is the first time I've *ever* had one come off!

The liquid on top was very clear and the grape jelly was set, the clear liquid on the sealed jars pretty much totally filled the headspace which is why I'm thinking it was water?

Then again this batch was more grapes, fewer apples, and the apples were really tart. I'm going to have to see if the others are weeping - wouldn't there be some in all of them if that was it?

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