moss wreath?

amber_m(5)July 28, 2012

ok so i had the idea from seeing chris's serpins mounted to some moss that i could maybe do the same thing with a few of mine on the moss wreaths that they sell... anyone have any opinions?

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One thing I can say for sure, after growing various orchids and other plants in moss for many years is not all mosses are created equal. Sphagnum moss is the most commonly used and if you use it get New Zealand sphagnum as chilean and Canadian are terrible to grow plants in. Sphagnum moss is also very acidic so it is not good for most plants in the long term. For rooting delicate cuttings it can't be beat but long term roots seem to suffer. Moss also breaks down after about a year or two at most and if you don't repot the root system will die as the moss decomposes. If you can get living moss that can survive not having a cold winter period it would be the best to grow on a mount for plants. Living moss creates a great surface for plants to root and because it's alive it does not decompose.
I would consider the wreath idea only a temporary option for growing. Mounts also need watering every day and sometimes more than once a day. I only grow the most hardy plants mounted, ones that like to dry quickly between watering. Delicate plants will struggle.
You could try using a media that does not decompose such as rockwool and then covering it with good quality moss. This type of setup would be able to last much longer and the roots would not be in danger of rotting as the rockwool would not decompose. There is also Epiweb and if you do a search you can see all the wonderful options for growing with this artificial tree fern media. Keep in mid that Epiweb needs water consistently or the plants will suffer. If you can set up a terrarium or grow case complete with air circulation then mounts are much easier.


Here is a link that might be useful: EpiWeb

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mike is there anything you dont know?!?!?! haha im so glad to have you around to answer all of my questions. now i see that mounting is not for me, maybe someday in the future but right now not so much. i remember seeing something like that done with succulants like hens and chicks and it popped into my mind that it might be really cool to continue to circle a hoya around the wreath as it grows, so then its areal roots can dig in. i must say that i am so happy to be a part of this forum so that any question i may have can be answered by some of the most knowledgeable people. thank you mike and everyone else who answers all my questions with knowledge, wisdom and patience... can you tell ive had a few beers? lol

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