Hoya Carnosa

Will07(5)July 2, 2014

My plant, probably 3 years old, still won't flower. I took her outside the other day to fertilize her and tie up the long vines. They were probably 3-4 feet long and I just wrapped them right around the pot. I've started using 10-52-10 and at some waterings a very mild solution of 10-15-10. In the winter she gets 15-15-18 once a month. She's always watered until the water drains out of the pot, the pot is between 6 and 7 inches. She gets sun most of the day but on one side so I have to turn her often usually once a week.
Any advice would be nice!

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Just be patient, Will. I've found the carnosas, for me, take a long time to bloom. But it's worth the wait. Your plant looks spectacular, very happy, so it will bloom when it's ready. Just appreciate its beauty while it revs up, 'cuz it sounds like you are doing everything right!

Denise in Omaha

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Great looking plant!

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If it were a solid carnosa, I would question it, but the variegated ones take longer in my experience. And 3 years for a Hoya grown indoors without supplemental light, is the minimum for many species. It does sound (and look) like you're doing everything right.

You will eventually get blooms doing what you're doing, but if you're feeling impatient, you should gradually increase the light. The more light a carnosa gets, the faster it progresses toward that goal. For example, Pepeuve in Malaga Spain, blooms them from cuttings in around 6 months. There's no reason for everyone to set that goal for their plants, but it does show what the plant is capable of in very high light. It always makes me feel better knowing that, if I get really frustrated, the solution with Hoyas is really that easy for 90% of them.

Source: Las "Hoyas" Malagueñas de Pepeuve

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I have a nbr. of hoya Carnosa I don't knpw name of all of them but I do know the varg, do take longer to bloom I bot 2 at the same time same size of rope hoya? Ones with curly leaves the green one is blooming great. Still no buds on the varg. but its so pretty.Mine get morning sun only. I love the blooms & they are good bloomers.

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