Anna's Hummingbird babies (maybe Anna's)

aprille(z9 CA bay area)March 5, 2011

Hi Fellow Hummingbird lovers. I am Aprille and like all of you am very fascinated by these amazing creatures. Something so magical about them. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and think from research that I've done that what I have is Anna's Hummingbirds. Anyway a few years ago I noticed a female starting to make a nest in the dip in my hummingbird feeder (it was a old bottle that someone had made into a feeder) it was later in the year and she never did lay eggs, year two she came back and I had moved the feeder so she built her nest on the L of our gutter, year tree she came back and did the same - she also laid eggs but never hatched them - all of this was toward March and always on our front porch by the door - not a good location. I think she finally realized this because this year (at least I think it's the same female) she made her nest in our back yard in the Scented Corkscrew Vine - right outside our back patio door (she really likes door ways!)well ... she laid her eggs, she hatched her eggs and we have two babies!!! I think they are roughly a bit over two weeks ... I have been lucky enough to experience this amazing thing in my life and have taken pictures which I have shared with my friends on facebook and then I remembered years ago when she first made her nest and I had questions I came here and everyone was so happy for me and so encouraging - so I wanted to share with you my beautiful guest and her young!

Here is the link to my public album on Facebook - hope this works as it's been awhile since I've done this.



Here is a link that might be useful: Facebook Album of Hummingbird Nest and Babies

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