H. calycina - black spot? overwatering? too cold?

Asterope(SE Queensland, Australia)July 24, 2012

Hi all - I am just not having any luck keeping some of my hoyas alive!!

This time its my calycina... my favourite furry leaved critter :(

Last week I noticed that one of the stems had dried right through - now the leaves at the bottom of the cutting have their stems drying out. The whole cutting also looks like its drying out.

What could be causing this? I had some black spot on a few of my other hoyas (it has been very humid this winter) which I have treated successfully. A few of my warm hoyas had some leaves drop off which stopped after I took them inside - I have never seen this though!

I dont think I am overwatering them - I let the soil completely dry out between waterings and I dont mist them in winter (as I said, its been humid enough!!)

Any ideas? Thank you!!

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If it's any conciliation I have had this very thing happen to my plant several times. I have not been able to figure out if this Hoya likes to be kept moist or slightly dry but I suspect that it might do best in a cramped pot. My plant always seemed to take a turn for the worse after I watered it. The damage looks fungal to me and I bet if it were in a very humid atmosphere you would see fungal spores covering the collapsed area.


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Asterope(SE Queensland, Australia)

Hi Mike,

It is strange isn't it? I think you might be right with the fungal thing as my magnifica is also experiencing this (I just noticed this morning and took a cutting - hope I save it!)
Makes sense as you would get water trapped by those hairs and down at the base of the plant... I'll have to buy another calycina (and water it less) but i'll keep my magnifica in a small pot and see how it goes.

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