Honeysuckle vine recommendations

bellarosa(z5/IL)January 31, 2008

Hi all,

I have two 15' posts in our backyard that I would like to plant a honeysuckle at and was wondering if there are any specific varieties you would recommend. The posts are painted a dark green and are in full sun. Thanks.

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Lonicera sempervirens or coral honeysuckle would do real good. You can order it from Mail Order Natives. This is a favorite of hummingbirds along with Alabama crimson and Gold Flame.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mail Order Natives

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I have Lonicera Brownii Dropmore Scarlet and it has been wonderful. I have it growing on a tall arbor and it seems to bloom non-stop all summer..hardly taking a breath between one flush of bloom and the next. My hummers love it too.

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FYI, coral honeysuckle (also called trumpet honeysuckle) is not fragrant. Not that the hummers care about that, but you may. The Goldflame is slightly to fairly fragrant and the hummers still love it, so it may be a win-win choice. But DON'T plant Japanese honeysuckle, as it is an invasive and will take over your yard quickly.

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You are correct about all the honeysuckles. The Japanese is the very worst someone could plant in their yard.

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Yeah tell me about it, on the jap honeysuckle growing along a fenced area at moms and I got to dig it up , what a job that was with all the underground roots, it seemed there was no end but it had been growing for years. Dont plant that honeysuckle.

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I am doing battle with japanese honeysuckle in my wooded area in the back...it will be a long struggle. There are some areas where the vine is as thick as my index finger!

I was at Home Depot moving around some plants to look for discounts when I realized the pot in my hand had a certain familiarity to the vine I had been pulling out of my woods for three hours that morning. Yep, Lonicera japonica...innocently labeled "Hal's Honeysuckle." I'm not normally "that guy", but I went to the garden manager and told them they were selling an invasive plant and needed to remove it. Just three days ago I went back and they had it out on the featured curb, reduced to sell! I bought it, brought it home and Roundupped it, and then returned it for a refund. =) You've got to fight insidious weeds with an insidious attitude!

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Will the trumpet honeysuckles grow in part shade in the north (PA)?

I am looking for something to grow down (I could maybe pin it) a retaining wall but would like to attract hummers to it as it is very visible from the house.

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crlyn11mfdct(SE CT)

I love Alamba Crimson and even better Blanche Sandman. My hyummers loved both of these!

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Coral Honeysuckle was extremely invasive in my yard, even though it isn't supposed to be. I removed it and am still fighting all of the plants that suckered from it. I don't think I will ever get rid of it. It killed every other plant around it, and began strangling my trees.

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This is my lonicera sempervirens; it is not invasive and the hummers do love it.

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As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. The way that is growing it reminds me of my mother Jap HS. Whatever kind of soil or whatever you are doing they sure love it. I just wish mine would do a tenth of what yours are doing.

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