Is this the start of a flower?

kvnnivJuly 21, 2014

I received clippings of a hoya from a family friend almost a year ago. I clipped them down and rooted them and they are doing fantastic with all of them growing vines! About a month ago, I noticed one of the vines had a different growth on it not resembling a leaf growth so I became excited thinking it may be my first set of flowers. But its been over a month and it still looks exactly the same (the picture is crooked, it is growing down). Is this the start of flowers? Does it usually take this long for flowers to grow?

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What you have there is a peduncle, which is where the flowers grow from. Most Hoyas bloom repeatedly from their peduncles, so don't ever cut it off.

A peduncle is the first step toward flowers, but the fact that your plant has produced one does not necessarily mean that it is immediately going to turn around and start developing buds on it. And when your plant produces buds it does not necessarily mean that those buds are going to develop full term (often they abort the first time). Blooming a Hoya can be a long road indeed.

But not with all species. I assume I'm looking at a carnosa or publicalyx peduncle there, and once they form peduncles, they tend to turn around and bloom from them either that season or the next one.

Hoya odetteae buds

Here's a picture of buds forming on a peduncle. You can see the green part, which is the peduncle, the brown frayed stuff, which is the remnants of past blooms (the peduncle will become longer and longer over time, from this build-up), and the yellow buds!

I chose odetteae b/c it has some great color contrast, even though it's so small. Carnosa kind of has rose-brown buds that are really hard to distinguish from the peduncle when they are still small. To my eyes, it doesn't look like your peduncle has buds forming, unless they are very small indeed.

Oh, and yes, it can take around a month for Hoya buds to fully develop, but there is no mistaking it once it starts happening. They get to an easily visible size within a week or so.


I re-read my post and realized I'd neglected to congratulate you on your peduncle and growing your cuttings so well. You must be doing the right thing if your Hoya is getting itself ready to bloom after only a year. Many people have to wait longer, so don't change a thing and hang in there. :)

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It can be frustrating to have peduncles, know flowers are in your future, then you have to wait, but be patient! Like GG says, it can sometimes take awhile. I would give it some bloom booster fertilizer to encourage it, half strength, for the next several waterings.

It's fascinating to watch buds develop - I've snapped photos of lots of my Hoya flowers when they start to develop. Here are a few of my favorites... This is a Hoya fungii that had one pedicel that shot out long before its counterparts...

Inconspicua budding up...

Kerrii pushing out new flower buds while it's blooming...

Latifolia first buds that actually ended in flowers - you can tell from the age of the peduncle it tried many times before it finally bloomed...

Lobbii buds - hard to believe those pastel pink buds open to dark red flowers!

Variegated macrophylla with 5 peduncles at one node...

Megalaster buds ready to pop!

Nicholsoniae buds...

Thompsonii buds from the backside...

Verticillata varieagata...

And finally, below, a callistrophylla bud that seems to have two sets of "children" at two very different stages of development!

Denise in Omaha

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lol Denise. That fungii picture is hilarious!

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Thanks a lot greedyghost and denise! Both of you have answered all my questions! Its my first time growing hoyas myself (although my family has had hoyas in the past), so I am very excited for future flowers!

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Five peduncles at one node! This is amazing! I can't imagine what it'll be like if they all bloom with full umbels at the same time. Make sure to post the pic if that happens Denise. That'll be a show stopper!

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Hi GT,

Actually, that was a couple years ago. Here's the blooms just before they opened (you can see a couple open)...

I didn't get a pic after they opened, but one of the annoying things about macrophylla flowers is that they don't all open at the same time, and I don't mean in a cluster of peduncles. These all came to maturity at the same time, but when a single peduncle's flowers open they can open over several days, the first often withering before the last open. Here's one where almost all of them were open at once...

Denise in Omaha

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