Stubborn aphids! HELP!

riap(5)July 30, 2013

Greetings all!
Don't know if you recall me and my old Hoya plant, Jose. The last 6 months or so he has been attacked by these nasty little brownish tannish yellowish aphids! They attack his new growth and his flowers. Seems they cannot do any damage to the tougher mature leaves thank goodness. We have tried Houseplant insecticide with pyrethrins. We did it twice and the little nasty things keep coming. Is there any systemic insecticide we can add to his water to kill these things?? In all the 40 plus years we've had Jose I have never seen these pests before!!

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I've not personally battled aphids.... But if it were mine I would use rubbing alcohol with a qtip. Go over entire plant. Then wash plant in shower to remove alcohol. I would water with BATS (Bayers Advanced tree and Shrub). Repeat with BATS in 2 weeks. Hope this helps! Ive read alot about Jose.

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Hi Tiesa and riap,
I sometimes use BATs, too. If you water it in, you're using it as a drench and enabling it's systemic quality. It will take a while (up to a month) to travel through and treat all of the plant. I would not repeat as too much will negatively affect the plant.

You can also spray (Outside), too. If you only spray, you should repeat in 7-14 days to eliminate any newly hatched insects.


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I have had some luck with a water/vinegar/alcohol+3 drops of dish soap wash, followed by a rinse with very hot water.

I also pour very hot water on the soil to kill any that might have fallen into it.

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Wow I did not know that! That is good information to have. I've never personally dealt with aphids but have read alot about them here. But Bayers keeps my plants bug free for the most part. (knock on wood) lol


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Thanks for all the suggestions. I am passing them on to hubby, Jose's poppa:-) The Bayers sounds like a pretty good idea though.Despite the constant attacks by these nasty little aphids Jose is flowering! Keep the ideas coming! I appreciate every one of them!

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very hot water can also get rid of an infestation of soil gnats when poured in every pot once a week.

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