Crazy Giant Cosmos Attacking my Yard(slideshow!)

goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))October 22, 2008

It started with a pack of regular cosmos and a packet of Giant Cosmos. I had no idea HOW GIANT! Last year they put on a nice show and I sprinkled a few seeds around as the flowers finished their show. All summer I watched the Giants foliage get huge. They looked rather ragweedy with Giant trunks so I pulled as many as I could out. Oh my ,not near enough. I guess they love the cooler weather and have taken over. Please view my cosmos and tell me what you think!!!!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: CRAZY COSMOS!!!!

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atreelady(9b SW Orlando)

They're everywhere, they're everywhere ... but I love 'em. They're so happy and relaxed. And I love that color. I may want to get some - what brand was it. You certainly got good sprouting - looks like oh I don't know 200% of the seeds sprouted? lol.

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Those certainly give a lot of color for the fall. I love cosmos and they come in many colors and flower shapes. For some reason I didn't grow any this year. I usually have pinks and whites growing as well as those lovely orange ones.

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abendwolke(9 FL)

how beautiful! I wish I had room for them

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minibim(FL z10)

I almost get the feeling mine have mutated somehow. It seems like every new seed crop that they get taller and taller. But, there are plenty of ones that stay in a 2-3 foot range as well.
Even in a fairly shaded area, I have some that get over my head.

They're one of my favorite annuals. No maintenance except to pull dead plants and the butterflies LOVE them. I have a large area of them, but way in the back yard, so I don't have to worry about them going wild.

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I love Cosmos. I started with one package of Orange and Yellow Klondikes and Bright Lights about 3 years ago and have had about the same results. They do love the spring and then the fall and will get very tall. I scatter the seeds from the ones that have come up in between the cracks of the stepping stones and in the pots of other flowers. They are really pretty in front of or mixed with the tall purple Mexican Sage or with the shorter red Tropical Sage.

The other colors don't reseed as well and never get as big.

What is so funny to watch is the squirrels trying to climg up the flimsy stalks to eat the flowers, which they love.
they hang on for dear life as it bends towards the ground!

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coleus23(zone 9)

Hi, i'm Denise .I'm new to this forum.Your cosmos is beautiful.I have the same cosmos all my yard to.It just keeps comimg up all over it great.


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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

I agree that they seem to get taller each year. The giant ones not the regulars.I actually thought they had mutated and would not have flowers because they grew like Jacks magic beanstalk with no flowers ALL summer long. The stalks got so big I did not have the strength to pull some of them and just chopped them I was surprized when they erupted into blooms overnight!

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