Thick, Bronzing Leaves

jkc1023(7)July 18, 2013

Hi Everyone,
My carnosa was moved outdoors three weeks ago. Shady back yard area. The leaves are thicker or at least more rigid and turning a bronze color on the underside. Its still putting out flowers and new growth, but I'm concerned about this change. Temps are in the 70 and 80's, moderate humidity, night temps upper 50's. I'm watering twice a week....

Should I be concerned??

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wish mine would bronze up! :)

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Oh my! Is it supposed to??

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Many hoya produce a bronze coloring, especially on new growth. It's very desirable. Betcha it looks nice!


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I think so! but I'm kinda new. You can google "Hoya leaf bronzing" and see what comes up! It's exciting to read about new things :)

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