Perlite with Miracle Grow for rooting?

therealmrsdoodlepunk(5)July 9, 2009

I bought a bag of perlite today and now see that it has Miracle Grow in it! I was going to dip my hoya cuttings in rooting hormone and use the perlite to root them in, but now wonder if it's a good idea to use this Miracle Grow stuff. I normally don't put it on my plants and would not have bought this if I had realized what it had in it.

This is for the sick lacunosa that I'm soaking in sugar water right now, at least soaking the cuttings. I suppose I could keep them in water until I can get something else to use for rooting. Unless the MG stuff is OK? Or should I put them right into my potting medium - which is orchid bark and spaghnum and perlite?

The only hoya I have ever rooted is the one cutting I got from my mother of her carnosa. So I'm sort of afraid of doing the wrong thing. This whole soaking and rooting stuff is really new to me.

I loved this little lacunosa and am sad that it's dying on me. It's the droopy type with thinner leaves and it was just "cute". It had lots of blooms and I always loved the smell.

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Sorry to hear your lacunosa has been having problems. I find it kind of hard to root. If I were in your shoes, I'd be looking for an EA lacunosa to replace yours with. They're big and cheap...

But, I understand your wish to salvage some of the one you had. I wouldn't worry too much about the Miracle Grow in the perlite. A cutting can't take up nutrients, so it doesn't really matter if there are nutrients there or not. When it's ready to take them up, it will. But I don't really think there's enough there to make much difference...

Good luck!
Denise in Omaha

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