slimfatty(5)July 26, 2014

hello everyone!!!!
i am new to this forum, i love hoyas, i have 4 one hindu rope, and two everyday green, i am sorry i just do not know the breed, ha ha. my rope is new to me 5 yrs, the other three however are my grand mother, they are at the least 40 yrs old, i am 53 and these plants have been in my life since i can remember. i saved them from a white fly infestation, my mother was going to trash them. they grow, trail, climb and make all kinds of babies. for the very first time, last year in the spring, the largest mother plant had one bloom!!!! i was so amazed, i have seen so many beautiful flowers on here. what is the secret to flowers??? here is my one and only flower ever....thanks guys!!!

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For the most part, it's about light and fertilizing once they get as mature as your plants are. Do you fertilize it at all? What direction does the nearest window point? And how close to the window do you grow it?

Denise in Omaha

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I fertilize with MGspikes, and my window is filtered and they are right in it you can see them here.

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I would change fertilizers. Using MG vs. (for instance) Fertilome is like the difference between beer and champagne. Plus you should change up to a bloom booster. Right now, I'm using something called Cha-Ching by Fox Farms. (Check out the link below...) I've been very impressed with the results. Fertilome is a little easier to find and they have a very fine bloom booster.

I would ask what direction your window faces, but I see you have blooming AVs, so it must be a good exposure for blooms. I think if you step up to a better fertilizer, you'll be surprised how soon it will bloom. Also, you mentioned that it's an old plant... If it's been in the same pot for a very long time, I would top off the soil with a scoop of compost for some added "umph."

Denise in Omaha

Here is a link that might be useful: Cha-Ching

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hi D,
thank you i will give a look for the fertilome, the window faces north, and yes mu AV exploded, when i moved here and placed it in front of that window, and as i said for the first time ever, the large hoya that now sits on the table had a bloom about this time last year. i see on my vines what look like the start of two flower stems, i will have to see. thank you so much for the advice thanks!!!


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North, really? North has the least amount of light, so I'm surprised you're getting blooms there. However, it IS a big window, which helps. If you have an east or west exposure, it might help with your Hoya.

Denise in Omaha

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Yes amazing isn't it, nope no other windows and it is almost exact north on the cumpas! It is huge and with the defused light of the plastic it is almost like a green house I suspect. Thank you I will let you know if it blooms again.


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Congrats on your flower, Slim. That's really great. :) :) I'm happy you were able to rescue the plant from so much adversity.

I get lots of flowers from my publicalyx Silver Pink and DS-70 in a north facing window, but the other publicalyxes won't bloom and neither will - um - whatever other plant I have there. Subcalva? I really need to move that one. I think it's actually shrinking.

Hoya carnosa tends to demand more light to bloom and a mature plant will do what yours is doing - bloom sparingly and erratically - if it's doing fine but not getting great light. If you only have a north window, there's not much you can do about it but enjoy what you can get. Typically a carnosa grown in a 'good' eastern window will either be blooming, or developing blooms, throughout the summer.

So, I guess my recommendation would be to get a publicalyx SP and DS-70 to be friends with your carnosa. :) You wouldn't go amiss with a multiflora either. But most Hoyas aren't going to flourish in the same conditions as an AV.

I'm going to have to pick up some of that Fox Farms fertilizer, Denise, if only for the labels. :)

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