somebody stop me

rennflJuly 19, 2012

So, I just got back tonight from traveling this week, and checked my email.

And yep there it was, email notification that a plant I had wishlisted was available.

Usually when this happens, by the time I get my email opened, they are all gone, but nope this time it was still avaialble. So what could I do? The only option was to order some other ones so it wouldn't be lonely traveling to me. (sigh) Even hubby won't complain, he will just smile indulgently at me when they arrive.

With recent trades, and my TG order, all is fine right now when they are outside, but where am I going to put them all when it gets cold???? The Hoyas are seriously competing with my orchids on numbers these days, and I've been growing orchids for 15 years.

Maybe my boys will enjoy camping outside all winter? Or can I convince them the garage would make a nice big big bedroom for them?

I need help. lol


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Renee, I wouldn't dream of interfering !!! I'm patiently waiting to get that same email letting me know that my wish list hoyas are back in stock!!!!


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Whoa boy! I cannot stop myself! Good luck. ~ Mary

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Haha. I agree with the others. Those notification emails are the best!!. I got one the other day and snapped the plant up so fast I thought the internet was going to spin around from the impact.

I say bunk beds in a Florida garage doesn't sound so bad, but I understand some Floridians have actual fireplaces !!, presumably for the days it's cool enough that their hot cocoa doesn't get warmer the longer it sits out.
(I tease. :P)

So, can I ask what wish list beauty has been sent to the drying racks?

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Well you all are no help. :)

GG - Golden Flame was the wishlisted one. I'm pretty sure I remember you mentioning you had this one. From the wishlist notification last time that I was too late for? lol

Added in a couple others, the javanica Milky Way, another annulata, buotii again, pallim.... and polystachya

And this had got to be it.

But on a good note, I just bloomed my first campanulate Hoya today - blashnernaezii (sp?)


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Haha. I did snatch up one of the first batch (?) of Golden Flame. :P So glad you got one! I want everyone to get this plant. It's so pretty!!

Congratulations on blooming blashernaezii! That's dead exciting! I really love this group of plants. They are delicate looking, yet resilient.

This round, I was snagging the flagellata. A year ago I would have said I didn't trust myself to grow this species, but I am seeing very good results from my caudatas, so I think I'm ready! (I hope :)) I am also engaged in the anulata obsession! /high five!

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gplainshoya(midwest zone 6 us)

good luck...but i cannot help, since i cannot help myself, either... :-D

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