chelsea hoya dying after repotting

knittyJuly 6, 2010

Please help save my favorite hoya, if possible. I split up a collection of hoyas into separate pots after I found mealies on one of the plants specifically (bella). That plant will die if it's not already dead.

I love the chelsea, though. The leaves are somewhat dry, but mostly just sort of thin. Usually they feel fat and succulent, but they're now dry and thin. Yesterday, I moved the plants out of a window with a draft (AC) and today I touched the plant and 2 leaves fell off. :(

Yes, I can definitely attest that the leaves are "thin". When I fidget with the leaves that fell off, I can create wrinkles in the exterior skin, similar to human skin. How do I plump this thing back up? Should I drown it indiscriminately in water until it's better?

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Check out the rooting aquarium (see the link below). It's the way I rehydrate Hoyas that have become dehydrated. Right now, I have a piece of moteski and davidcummingii in mine. Depending on how dehydrated they are, it can take between a week and a month or so to "fatten" them back up. But it's typically easier (I find) to fatten them back from cuttings than trying to salvage the roots. If you need more info, just ask.

Denise in Omaha

Here is a link that might be useful: Rooting aquarium

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Looking through the forum more, I have more questions and pictures.

1) Poking holes in the soil mix and filling with water seems a quick solution I can do now? How often should I do this? Would it help?

2) Many seem to agree that it's hard to bring the plants back to life and recommend cuttings. I don't have any moss available to me, but I can order some online. What type of moss are you using? Long stringy? What type of light do you provide? How often do you wet the moss? How many nodes should I trim for cuttings?

3) Since I don't have moss, should I put some cuttings in a cup of water until I get some plain ol' moss?

Any other ideas appreciated.

Here's 3 links to pictures.

Bending slightly to show wrinkles -

Backside of same leaf -

Frontside of same leaf -

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Thank you Denise. Can you describe the rooting bags of moss a little more? Do you seal the bags around the mossy ball? Do you reopen and spritz the moss? Or, just keep the water in the bottom of the tank? I think building a tank similar to that is what I'm heading toward, but in the meantime...

What can I do tonight without these supplies?

Also, do solo leaves ever root? I read just nodes somewhere, but thought I'd ask.

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Are you in GA? Are you able to put him outside? I'm in ATL and the humidity right now might help your plant (at least until you get your aquarium set up).

Yes, solo leaves root, but won't grow into a plant, unless some portion of the node is included.

I hope you're able to save him ,,, good luck.


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Jennifer is right - single leaves will root, but won't typically produce any other growth. I form a little ball of moss (I use orchid moss I get at Lowe's) around a node and secure it inside a baggy with a twist tie. I wet it initially, then open and rewet as necessary until I see roots through the baggy. As Jennifer said, if it's very humid outside, I would just put the mossed cuttings out in a very shady location - the heat and humidity right now is probably quite enough to encourage rooting w/o the aquarium setup. Even if you end up creating cuttings from the entire plant, I would take the pot with the plant cut off at the soil line and set it outside (also in a shady location) and keep it moist. It may produce new growth from the old roots.

Denise in Omaha

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