Indiana State Record Calliope!!

hummersteveJanuary 14, 2012

Pretty amazing stuff for our state. The first ever calliope and it was officiated by a bander to be such. So on January 5th I made the 1 hour 20min trip to north vernon indiana to get some shots. Im not a professional but at least I have some .

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Is it a female or an immature? Did the bander catch and band it?

What is the black on the feeder? Something to keep it from freezing?

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Yes female and that is some kind of heat tape or cable around that feeder. The Jacksons had two feeders out the other feeder had a heat lamp on it to keep it warm but the bird never went to it while I was there. The bird would go to a large pear tree in the backyard then to the feeder every 20 minutes. It was a fun time something I had never had part of before. Im adding an in depth article for anyone interested.

heres a shot of it in the pear tree

Here is a link that might be useful: indiana state record calliope

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hi steve, that is so cool;nice pics;fyi; some one northwest of me had a hummer till jan.6 ; they even had it on our local news. pete

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Thanks, yeah it takes a keen eye or an experienced bander to notice the difference in this area that it is not a rubythroat. Being female it is very similar to the rubythroat female but it is smaller than a RT. But the fact this bird has been staying at the jacksons since august says something right off the bat. Im glad I took the time to go down to north vernon, maybe a once in a lifetime event.


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