Update on the Hialeah Hummingbirds

janellelee(10fl)January 27, 2008

These cute little guys are back visiting today! They are always around my Fire Spike.

Today I am Blessed enough to get a few pics!

I can't beleive they are in my yard!

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Great shots! Congratulations!

I have one hummer that must be living in or near my yard. It's been here since November. I live near Vero Beach on the east coast north of you. My hummer loves my Firespike plant and many of the other blooming plants in my yard. I hung a feeder near the Firespike, so now it visits the feeder regularly too.

If you use a feeder, be sure to clean it out and replace the sugar water every few days. The heat here in FL can cause the sugar water to spoil rather quickly. It can make the birds sick.

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conrack50(7, Shawnee, OK)

I'm envious of your Hummers. It will be awhile before any of them make it to Oklahoma. Your pics are wonderful!

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Thanks for the tips on changing the sugar water in the feeders, I was wondering how often it needed to be changed

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Wow! Lots of blossoms for them too!

I spotted one near by the acacia tree in our front yard. Maybe we will see more since now the Aloe is starting to flower.

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Aloe is a plant for the hummers too? I have tons of Aloe in my yard but haven't seen a hummer near it but maybe I'll get lucky! I'm learning so much here!

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janellelee;- Take a look at the link provided below. Randy in OK posted his Aloe pics with a hummer perching on the flower.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aloe Starting to Bloom

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