USF Hoya's

wanna_run_fasterJuly 18, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Does anyone happen to have a list of hoyas at USF? I picked up a couple at the Butterfly garden plant sale last month and a couple at the Tropical Plant sale last week. Beautiful healthy specimens, well-labeled and well, have got me all excited about Hoyas again. I'm planning on working on re-establishing my collection and would love to work from a list if there is such a thing for the USF Hoya collection.



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Have you thought about asking USF if they have a list? I would think they would know best.

Honestly, I'm in the USF area quite often, I didn't even know they had a Hoya collection. Is it public? Can you let me know where exactly at USF it is?


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Hi Renee,

I tried to get a list during the sale but I guess it wasn't a good time :) I figured my fellow addicts at GW might be better source :)

They have a table in the garden plant shop. During the tropical plant sale, they had maybe 20 or 30 varieties for sale. I have never been there except during a plant sale so I am not sure if the garden plant shop is open other times.

if you join as a member, you can get into the sales early and even enjoy a 10% discount at the plant shop :)

I'll post some pictures in a moment


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One of my new USF hoyas.

Is there anyway to upload more than one picture into GW at a time?

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I was rethinking this, and first I probably should double check USF is University of S. Florida in Tampa?

If so, I live south of there, but I'm up in the Tampa area quite often, and I can help you get restarted with Hoyas. I've got quite a few in my yard. Send me an email through gardenweb if you would like.

As for posting more than one photo per thread, it can be done, but you have to use a photo hosting site, like flickr, photobucket, imgur or something similar and link the pics instead of actually loading them.


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Whaaaa? A LOCAL (non-online) vendor with 20-30 hoya varieties for sale at one time? Have I died and gone to heaven?

Post more pics, please (you can do what Renee says, or just reply to this thread multiple times and attach a new picture each time). Or just post the names that were for sale maybe. (I am not in Florida, but still...) How much did they charge for these plants?

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Hi Renee! I'm East of Tampa. That's a very sweet offer. Hopefully we can get together one of these days and compare lists!

Lol, Greentoe, I'll take some pictures tomorrow in the daylight. Most were the more common varieties. USF plant shop sells their hoyas for $7 I think plus you get off a 10% member discount if you join the USFBG's. You can see these are nice well established plants too. Another great place is Gardino's (rare I used to have about 20 varieties but am starting completely over now and have only 5. Right now I'm being drawn to big leaves and big flowers lol

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$7 is a really good price for a rooted plant. Good find! Brooklyn Botanic Garden or NYBG stores did not have any hoyas beyond carnosa last time I checked.

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