Camellias and hummingbirds

kal2002January 27, 2010

I am trying to plant more plants for the hummingbirds in the winter. I have a few salvias but the flowers were all gone due to early frost this year. I am thinking of planting more camellias that will tolerate the frost in the winter months for the hummingbirds. Does that sound like a good idea or are there other plants that I can plant for the hummingbirds in the winter?


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I have camellias blooming when my first rubies arrive in March but I have never seen them being used for nectar. You live in Zone 9 so you might check into getting some shrimp plants. I know these are used by hummingbirds during the winter in Lousianna.

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Red Shrimp plants and Firespike are used here. My purple firespike was putting out blooms just as the freeze came. I lost all but the center portion and it is still grwoing blossoms. My red shrimp plant was covered and it survived, at least most of it. My salvias were brought in as they are in pots so they are okay. Try CApe Honeysuckle as well. This is the first winter we lost so much. Most winters everything comes through in good shape.
I am in central florida where we had 11 nights that weren't out of the low 30's. Rare for us, hadn't happened since the 1970's.

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Newbie question, are the zones all over the country the same, I mean the highs and the low average? The same as in he Western State? I have always wanted to ask. Norma

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I think (and I could be wrong) the USDA zones are based on the average low Winter temperature. They don't factor in other things such as elevation or precipitation. Here in 6b West Tennessee, we have cool, wet Winters and hot, humid Summers. Plants that thrive here probably wouldn't do well in 6b NE Arizona.

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I have hummers in the winter because I have a species fuchsia. It blooms year around and becomes a large shrub if you let it. The flowers are tiny. It's an encliandra fuchsia and is evergreen. It also make edible berries. They come in different colors such as hot pink, red, light pink and white. I live in zone 9 in Crescent City, ca. by the ocean.

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I did a quick google on encliandra fuchsia but I did not find much on its growing conditions. I did not think I can grow fuchias here. I live by Elk Grove. We have very hot and dry summers and freezing temperatures in the winter. I like the idea that it blooms year around. Does it bloom in the winter too? How big are the flowers? One site did say that it is deciduous and it grows about 2' to 3'. Does that sound right?

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We just had a bander come from SC and she said that there the Camellias were used by the hummers, not for nectar but for getting the insects, same for the bromeliads.

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Mary, what Salvias do you grow in pots?

I am starting some Salvias this spring, and would like to put some of those that are really picky about drainage in pots, but am wondering what size, etc. Also know that those that are not hardy here will die when winter sets in, but the ones I got are reseeding varieties.

Just curious. Can you grow the Salvias that are winter bloomers like those in California? I know they won't work here cuz we don't have hummers in winter, but since you do, just wondered.


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My Pineapple Salvia is blooming now and is in the ground. I covered the lower part of it and by luck even the higher branches lived.

I have the White Salvia, Victoria, I think in pots and in the ground. Tropical Red Salvia(Coccinea SP?) and also Coral Nymph, both of which reseed profusely. Then I have the purple variety of Victoria, Black and Blue that is in the ground, Mexican Sage in the ground. I also have a pink that has smaller, darker green leaves. I don't know the name of it. Another lighter red that is in a pot. I have had it for a number of years. It has fuzzy stems unlike the others.

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You can grow fuchsias in Elk Grove. There is a fuchsia club in Sac and they meet on Mckinley Blvd. My uncle lives in Sac and he has gorgeous fuchsias in his yard. Just plant them in the shade (north side of the house) Even if they loose leaves they will come back. Mine gets over 6 feet tall but you could keep them shorter if you prefer.

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The hummingbirds in my yard try to get nectar from Camellias and Fatsias when, for example, I have removed the hummingbird feeders to refill them. I'm not sure if they get any nectar out of those, though.

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