Ya-ha! Gypsy Rose finally pipped!!

esther_bMay 4, 2014

Just as I was about to give up on her, good ol' Gypsy Rose finally pipped today. The 2 unknown pips, which I previously posted about, look like they are, indeed hostas of some sort, as one is starting to slowly unfurl. And I think I figured out what they are.

I found one of my aluminum stakes with an ID tag in the bushes, no doubt the handiwork of the "landscape workers" efforts to rake out leaves from around the bushes. It said "First Mate", so one of the pips must be First Mate, since I haven't seen it yet. And the other pip must be Sparkler, although I don't see any errant aluminum stakes or ID tags laying about. A very good thing about using aluminum tent stakes for my ID tags is that they are bright coppery anodized aluminum which is easy to spot among the mulch and bushes.

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

Happy for you! Way to go!

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Well, there you go. Sounds like your plants are waking up fast now, Esther. Always good to see.

Don b.

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LeafyKeen(7 (East TN))

Hooray!! Gypsy rose is such a lovely plant. It was one of the first hosta that really made me stop and go "Wow!There is really something special about these plants..." She is still one of my favorites.

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I'm with you, LeafyKeen. Gypsy Rose is a beauty.

Esther. You have something to look forward to. Mine looked like this a couple of weeks ago....really strutting! You will enjoy this one.

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MOCC: Well, MY Gypsy Rose has QUITE a ways to go to look as beautiful as yours. Mine is only a tiny pip as of now.

Remember Me is just stunning right now, with at least 6" of banana yellow leaves out. Rainbow's End is sending up lots of leaves as well. The little minis in my 18" ceramic pot are coming along. I love the contrast between the chartreuse Appletini and Cracker Crumbs and the foamy burgundy of the heuchie Frost.

I just went out to Westbury, Long Island to visit the famous Hicks nursery. They are awesome, but you have to rob a bank to pay for stuff! I bought some anti-SQUIRREL granules and have already applied them. And I bought a 3-plant pot of 3 different colors of calibrachoa to keep my Easy Does It rose company. I stopped off at my local Home Depot on the way home to pick up some Windex for my windshield. On the way to the register, a soft burgundy and yellow Crazytunia (Anyone see these? They're new this year) was calling out for me to rescue it from the clutches of the negligent Home Depot staff, who must be related to the "landscape workers", such is their skill at keeping the plants there alive. As I took it into my arms, a 6-pack of bright yellow French marigolds cried, "Me, too! Me, too!" So I succumbed to their siren call.

As soon as I got home (it was already dark), I doffed my purse for my trowel and planted the Crazytunia at the front corner of my garden, to keep Raspberry Sundae company. I planted 5 of the little French marigolds around one side of my Easy Does It rose, and the 3 mixed calibrachoas around the side facing the strawberry pot.

Dat's all, folks. Now, just waiting for Blue Jay, Cameo, & heuchies Ginger Snap and Sweet Tart.

BTW, my neighbors all think I'm a bit nuts when they see me planting stuff at night, as though it were some sort of CIA operation. Let 'em wonder...

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