Any thoughts on Vulcan or Night Before Christmas?

Brandys_garden(6)May 5, 2014

So I have plenty of blues and yellows so I am looking at green and whites now. I saw Vulcan and Night Before Christmas at the local garden center on Hwy 76 today. Any thoughts on them? Be honest, please. I want to know if they are worth it.

I am expecting Cherry Berry any day now, too.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

I don't have Vulcan, but I do enjoy NBC.


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NBC is a good grower in the south. I don't have Vulcan.

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flowerchild59(z6b IL)

I don't have Vulcan either, but NBC was a good grower for me. I lost it a few years ago to voles.

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mikgag Z5b NS Canada

Vulcan was new last year, so no comment yet. NBC grows like a weed...

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

I have both, and both are good growers. NBC gets a lot of sun and has gotten bigger than the registered size description in five or six years. Vulcan is in more shade and not growing as fast - but it's still better than a lot of my hostas. I live in Nebraska, not sure how they'd do in the South.

Cherry Berry, on the other hand, has been a lemon. After five years it has two puny eyes and just barely hangs on.

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jan_on zone 5b

I have ever lost only three hostas..........Vulcan, Cherry Berry, and Fire and Ice. I haven't replaced any of them. I have two Night Before Christmas, both quite happy.

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old_dirt zone 5b

My NBC does quite well although it does tend to tear easier than most from falling tree seeds and debris. Also a little more slug damage than others.

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I have NBC and it is one of my favorites. I think I posted a pic recently but here it is again.

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Thanks everyone! I went back but I decided against both... All the plants looked stressed and not great. Plus, the roots were growing about a foot out of the nursery pot, I kid you not. So they needed to be sold and planted a long time ago. Thinking maybe they are some she hasn't sold in the last year or two?

Anyway, she got some Orange Marmalade's in, 3 or them, and they were stunning! I got the best looking one. It has a stunning sport, as well. I will post pics later. But, I figure, it will do well if I get it planted early this time, last year, I got it very late in the season if you recall, that could be why it didn't make it?

I figure, Albomarginata, Minuteman, and Medio Variegata are good for the green and white's for now.

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Gesila(MI Z5)

Just in case your change your mind, here's my Vulcan, years 1 through 3. This one is growing in the sun for me.

I love Orange Marmalade, but have lost two of them, both grown in pots, I think with the Moisture Control Soil. I should have left the first one in the ground.


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sandyslopes z5 northern UT

Gesila, that last picture of Vulcan is gorgeous. Love those tri-colored leaves.

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