cpawl(8)July 23, 2013

Look what I found this morning.

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Pretty! What Hoya is that? It is very elegant.

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Its H.thomsonii

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Very pretty

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Very nice! I want a surprise like that!


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beautiful! do they have a scent?

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So beautiful! And they smell so lovely too, don't you think? :) Congratulations!

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Thanks guys,this is a first time bloomer for me since getting a cutting a few years ago.
I like the smell of the one flower,it fills the whole greenhouse in the morning but if it had tons of open flowers at the same time it would be to much.

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Royal Flush opened it's first peduncle. How I missed the fragrance of a lacunosa!

From a distance. You can see a second peduncle on the left.

Also, while I didn't get a picture of it, I did find my first peduncle on my Ruby Sue!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Pretty flowers!! My thompsonii has yet to bloom, but I still love it for its super-fuzzy leaves. Does your's get quite a bit of light?

Denise in Omaha

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Denise I have this hoya on my east wall of the greenhouse,it was covered in blooms but they all yellowed and fell off after I moved it out to the greenhouse.I have all my hoyas growing S/H and this one gets lots of water.

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Hi I've tried S/H, however my cutting rotted. Would you mind explaining or posting what type of container you set your plant down in? I saw a picture where the wholes were drilled in side and bottom of cup. But how much water is in your cup you set that down in?

Thanks so much!


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The idea behind S/H is that there is water in the bottom of the container, but not in the upper part, where the cutting and its primary root system are. So, it doesn't really matter what kinds of containers you use as long as you keep in mind that the main plant should be above the water line. So, it doesn't matter how much water is in the reservoir - just enough that you will be able to refill it before it runs bone dry - and not so much that the plant is aquatic. :)

That's how a lot of people use glass containers with no holes in them. They just don't fill them all the way up with water when they change out the water reservoir. I have a 12" glass container I use in this way. Whenever I have a plant that seems to be struggling or damaged, I take a cutting and stick it in there. There are always several cuttings rooting in it and I think they help each other out.

Usually the cuttings extend some roots all the way down into the water anyway, but those roots have a slightly different structure and will die off if you transplant the cutting into soil.

I think, if yours rotted, you might not have been doing anything wrong - it could have just been a weak cutting or some bad luck with infection. So, I would say try it again, and don't be afraid to experiment with your own containers/setup. I believe it to be a very flexible method.

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