Hoya mimicking Plumeria

peanut01(7VA)July 5, 2011

This carnosa is putting out some great growth. I thought this one was similar to a Plumeria then someone else mentioned it out of the blue.

Actually 6 leaves here - 5 pink and 1 variegate

Next set 4 pink

Last set 4 pink(can only see 3 in pic)

Full length.

I love these strange leave pics. Thanks for looking.


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quinnfyre(z7 PA)

Whoa, those are pretty! You're right, they do look like plumeria blossoms, the first one especially.

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How neat! I wonder if the pink colour will eventually fade to creamy white?


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Wow, beautiful! All in a chain. I am going to have to hack my little rosettes of pink-now-white leaves off b/c the rest of the plant is just too small to justify it, but seeing your elegant chain of false flowers like that, with a nice fat plant of green to back them up, almost makes it easier to part with mine.

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