harvesting tomatillos ...

djonesc(zone 5/99022 - spokane area)September 16, 2008

when do you harvest tomatillos? my neighbors gave us some plants ... a lot of plants ... and they are everywhere ... we weren't sure what to do with them as they grew, so we staked some and let some go ... mistake ... big mistake ... they overtook the broc, the green beans, the .... well, you get the picture ... now that they are ready to harvest (it is sept), we are not sure when ... some are laying on the ground, some still on the plants with a little *rock-like-thing* inside the husk ...

so, when and how can you tell if they are ready?

thanks ... darlene

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Husks turn tan color. The tomatillos are mostly all green. removing the hust gives a sticky feeling to the skin of these. If they fall to the ground, pick them up and remove husk to see if there is any internal blemishes. Basically you treat these like a ripe tomato, or green tomato. I think there are sveral varietes and a few colors. One even has a pineapple overtone taste. They will never soft like ripe tomatoes, but will remain firm. Finely chopped into a green salsa is a great way to serve them, using all green peppers, lime juice, and maybe a few yellow hot peppers too. In Z6 the tomato and tomatillos are now at harvest time, so pick the largest ones and leave the smaller ones out a few more days or weeks. If there is a frost coming, a heavy weight white plastic non woven fabric can help to prevent frost bite if they are covered early in the day.

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jimster(z7a MA)

They are ready to pick when the fruit fills the husk, or nearly so. Some will overfill the husk and burst it. Under ripe tomatillos will be more tart flavored than fully ripe ones.


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simplicitygardens(z8 pacific N.W.)

We liked this recipe alot.
Vicki's Salsa Verde

2lb tomatillos
6 serrano peppers
2 cloves garlic
1/2 large onion
1 bunch cilantro
1/2 to 1 tsp. salt, to your taste

Boil tomatillos with a little water until very soft-about 10 minutes

Boil peppers with a little water until very soft-about 15 minutes

Combine everything EXCEPT ONION in food processor. Blend/Pulse until fine

Finely chop onion and add to blended mixture. Enjoy!

We did not seed the peppers just cut off the stem end. We have also used various combos of peppers, jalepeno, bells etc. depending upon what the garden has to offer but always a few hottish ones.

This is a great sauce on baked enchiladas instead of a tomato/pepper sauce.

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\A nice variation on the above sauce is to broil all of the veg's,not cilantro, until they have brown or even a few small blackened spots on them and then put in food processor.

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I harvested tomatillos and canned yesterday and they all inflated and floated in the jars. Next time I'll freeze them, frozen tomatillos can't float.

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This is my first time growing tomatillos. I'm not exactly sure where to go from here. They are starting to lose their husks, but they are white. Is that normal?. I had one fall off the vine completely yesterday, and it was all white inside. Am I headed for salsa blanco?

Below is a link to the listing for them from Territorial Seed Company.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miltomate

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